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A spell of heavy rain will move across the Isle of Wight from the south tomorrow morning (Friday) with strong winds expected into the weekend, prompting 2 yellow weather warnings being issued by local forecasters IW Met Service.

The rain could be heavy and persistent at times leading to localised flooding in the usual prone areas. Once the main rain area has cleared through further heavy and potentially thundery showers will develop and although these will be rather localised, they may lead to further issues.

12-18mm of rain is likely in some places during the morning with a further 2-8mm possible from any showers during the afternoon. There is however a small chance that the heaviest rain could miss the Island.

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The yellow weather warning for rain is valid from 04:00 until 18:00 on Friday.

During Friday night and into Saturday a spell of very strong winds will develop with gusts of up to 55mph early Saturday morning, prompting a yellow weather warning for wind to also be issued.

Further strong gusts of 40-45mph will continue through Saturday daytime. Whilst this wouldn’t be of concern during the winter months, it may cause a few problems due to the time of year with disruption of outdoor events including potentially dangerous conditions for inshore waters, especially those exposed to the wind.

The yellow wind warning is valid from 22:00 on Friday until 14:00 on Saturday.

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West Wighter

It’s going to rain tomorrow!
Wow hardly breaking news!!!


I agree, they don’t make that big of a deal about it on the 6 o clock news

Gunnery Sergeant

Not an unusual occurrence for this time of year. Thames pageant, 3rd June, complete washout, temperature dropped to 5 degrees, people hospitalised with hypothermia after being out all night. 2 years later, same again. D Day 5th June postponed because of the weather. So why the surprise when the first week in June is usually iffy.


Well West Wighter, I sincerely hope that none of your family are in any way affected by this potential bad weather.
People would soon complain it weather forecasters did not warn people of potential extreme weather, sadly people have died from weather related issues on many occasions. You have been warned….. enough said.

West Wighter

Man up and get on with life.


What a very strange individual you are, people do die in poor weather conditions, as the information in the news states ” potentially dangerous conditions for inshore waters.”
Perhaps you are unable to comprehend the dangers, That’s why weather warning’s exist,
Have a little respect for life.

West Wighter

Kev, come on it’s a bit of rain!
Hardly a hurricane!!
I know all the dangers of weather thankyou,
My point was, why the breaking news story about a bit of rain! It’s s joke.
Ok if it’s s huge storm!
Think you need to wrap yourself in cotton wool, and stay indoors!!

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