An absolute highlight in Men in Black 2 were the extroverted watches of the US manufacturer Hamilton. They make an extravagant splash in this film and extend their influence further beyond.

The black watches of the MIB agents in focus

Especially when it comes to the blockbusters in the cinema and on TV, more and more fans pay attention to the details. What outfit did the protagonists wear? Which accessories made their big appearance in the flick? In the classic Men in Black, it was the MIB watch from Hamilton. For the second part of the cult alien flick, the two agents Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent J and Agent K wore an original Hamilton in two different versions. We will take a closer look at the two versions of the Hamilton Ventura in the following article.

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The success of the Hamilton in watches in movies

The actual Hamilton Ventura took on a real starring role in the Men in Black movies. It was key to the characters and perfectly matched the black suit, neutralizer and sunglasses. No wonder the Ventura also became one of the manufacturer’s most popular watches. For many fans, Ventura is a must-have.

Originally launched in 1957, it quickly became a cult, and then celebrated a real revival in 1997 in combination with the Men in Black uniform. The design is modern and daring at the same time. It seems that the watch is ahead of its time. In any case, even in a classy black outfit, the eye is caught by what the agents wear on their wrist. Hamilton watches can be seen in over 500 different movies, few people probably think so. They are sometimes specially chosen to accurately characterize the characters and take on a particular plot line. In most films, not only jewelry but also casinos are shown. Anyone who wants to sign up and play casino themselves should do so via GamblingGuy. Check out the best online gambling sites there before you start playing.

The importance of accessories in movies

Perhaps the watch is proof of how important the small details are in the movies. It matters what the protagonist or protagonists wear on their wrist and how they use it to move through the film. Often watches, jewelry, necklaces, belts or caps take on a specific function. In a second, the watch still shows the most important moment or the last seconds that remain. This creates tension, because the clocks symbolize the increasingly scarce time. On the other hand, a cap or a hat can cover one’s face so that a hero or heroine is not recognized in a certain situation. All these are multiple proofs of how meticulously and in detail the filmmakers work on the scenes to make a movie a success.

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What makes Men in Black a cult film?

Men in Black is a cult hit. The flick has managed to become a box office hit worldwide, not least because of the two lead actors Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. In several countries, the film landed on the bestseller lists in theaters for months. People in cinemas love strange creatures and aliens that come into the world and they have to deal with them in an adventure like on GamblingGuy.

For this reason, it was already quickly clear after the first MIB part, followed by a second MIB. The outfit, individual scenes and the songs are just as popular as the overall story. That’s why the films remain cult far beyond their premiere in theaters. Many fans have seen Men in Black more than 20 or 30 times. They celebrate every single scene. So even the merchandising department has something of the box office success far beyond the movie’s release. It remains to be seen which watch will take on an important leading role again in the upcoming movie and how viewers will react to it.

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