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Gritters will be out on their set gritting routes across the Isle of Wight from 04:00 tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

The forecast temperatures mean the decision has been taken to grit around 40% of the Island’s roads – as per the gritting route overview below.

Island Roads are reminding motorists to drive according to the road conditions.

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Az-zahra Aziz

So the so called fifth richest nation can now afford to sprinkle a handful of extra grit as the council ‘listened’ to their legal team, and considered the suing and claims would come to more than forty pounds for a ton extra of grit then.

What a disgrace this country is, we cannot afford to keep toilets open, nor libraries, etc, YET we can afford to take in a never ending stream of dirt poor, coming with NOTHING so costing us everything.

Get our priorities sorted, think, then vote

West Wighter

If you dont like it bugger off!!

Miss Nursey

As Aziz seems to have an opinion on absolutely everything ? Don’t you work ?

West Wighter

Miss Nursey, of course he doesn’t work he’s one of those that sits at home and claims everything types!
So plenty of time to make stupid comments!!
Unlike you and me and most others that work bloomin hard.

Mike waugh24

Working hard claiming that welfare?

Az-zahra Aziz

About time they bought some electric vehicles as the noise of them wakes me sometimes.

Also, some of us aren’t blessed with a job.

Think yourself lucky you have one, life is not easy now being unemployed. They don’t leave you alone as they once did. Have to do courses, prove you looking for work etc, CV courses. No longer just sign on and leave you alone for two weeks. Almost wish I never came here at times. Bet you couldn’t manage on unemployment money, even if rent and council tax all paid by them.

none given

az-zahra The reason they left you alone back then was because the ethics of the people of those days were that it was seen as a shame on you, if you were claiming benefits. There was pride in having a job. Society looked down its nose at those who wouldn’t show a bit of backbone and support themselves. Since then, there has been a steady increase in those living off the benefit system instead of using it as a safety net in times of hardship until you got a job. The emergence of the lifelong benefit sponger has been met… Read more »

West Wighter

Amazing, well said indeed

Mike waugh24

Got plenty of grit in my gaff. selling a few ounces tho tonight.

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