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Police on the Isle of Wight are searching for the driver of a VW Golf that has been involved in a collision on Merrie Gardens Roundabout in Lake tonight (Wednesday).

The Island-registered vehicle has sustained front end damage in the incident, which occurred sometime around 22:40.

According to witnesses, 2 vehicles were ‘racing’ when the late-night incident took place. The driver and passenger of the Golf then fled the scene.

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The Joint Response Unit has responded to the scene of the collision and officers have now arranged recovery of the damaged car.

The road remains open.

Anyone with information about this collision is asked to contact Police on 101, quoting 44190240666.


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Mark Pears

Lack of police funding = less police = lawlessness. I don’t even see PCSO’s on the streets anymore. No police presence at all in Sandown, so people just do what they like.

Phil mccavity

More bad driving on the I o w

Don't tell him pike.

Every evening I get twats racing past my house .doing more than twice the 30 limit .I’ve phoned the police .not interested .too busy sat on their arse


Your right mark….. I THINK THEY NEED TOO GET THAT DRIVER OF THE SILVER BMW he must be first in line


might be the same two…. @Mark- 100% agree not enough police on the Island … but unless it’s a live pursuit the old bill have no chance unless a member of the public takes up the chase. But then they put themselves in danger. It’s a no-win situation. We had a dork riding along the pavement on a mini bike the other day, no helmet and probably no insurance. In my younger days, I’d have gone out and got him… I thought about phoning the police …..

Martin Ryde

There is a seriously dangerous culture of boy racers on the Island. You only need to go to McDonald’s and Tesco’s car park on a Friday or Saturday night , They use Beaper shute like its Silverstone.. Ridiculous behaviour.

Tim C

I really cannot fathom how people can gat away with running away from an accident and not get caught.
If it was any of us, we would have the police at our doors in moments arresting us it just does not make sense. Not that any of us would do such a thing to start with.
In these days of complete countability, how can this still happen?


Was the car in the person name?

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