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A power cut is affecting homes in Newport this evening (Tuesday) – just as families sit down for dinner.

Supply has been lost in the Halberry Lane estate area of Newport – the PO30 2 region. The network fault hit at 17:38.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) are aware of the issue and have sent engineers out with an aim of restoring power as soon as possible.

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It is hoped that the electricity will be back on by 21:00.

UPDATE TUESDAY @ 23:00 – Power has now been restored to all affected homes, according to SSEN.

36 known affected area(s)
PO30 2DN
PO30 2DX
PO30 2EA
PO30 2EB
PO30 2ED
PO30 2EE
PO30 2EF
PO30 2EH
PO30 2EJ
PO30 2EL
PO30 2EN
PO30 2ER
PO30 2ES
PO30 2ET
PO30 2EU
PO30 2EY
PO30 2EZ
PO30 2HA
PO30 2HB
PO30 2JA
PO30 2JL
PO30 2JN
PO30 2JR
PO30 2JW
PO30 2LD
PO30 2LH
PO30 2LJ
PO30 2LL
PO30 2LN
PO30 2LP
PO30 2LR
PO30 2LT
PO30 2PT
PO30 2PX
PO30 2QS

For further information about this power cut call the dedicated helpline by dialling 105.

Alternatively, you can send SSEN a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity).

App: Did you know SSEN also have a mobile phone app where you can report, locate, track and subscribe to faults in your area?

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More load shedding but it’s been happening for a long time perhaps people will start to believe me


There seems to be a lot of power cuts on the Island recently, is it my imagination or are the power company’s failing to stand up to their responsibilities.

May be thay are cutting corners in order to save money for their share holder’s.


Likely over loaded by all those growing drugs, using lights, etc. Lot of it about now.


i suspect with the over zealous lockdown and nanny state, handbag swinging jobsworths, barking social distancing and stay indoors orders, companies like SSEN haven’t had the staff available for preventative maintenance and as such – things have broken that would have been replaced under usual circumstances.

Old bean

Clare and anon talk crap the company has done many upgrades over lockdown FACT

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