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A cyclist has been injured as a result of what appears to be a collision with a car between Ryde and Brading this evening (Tuesday).

The incident has occurred on a 50 miles per hour stretch of road on Beaper Shute between the junctions of Harding Shute and Carpenters Road.

Firefighters from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service – who happened to be passing the scene shortly after the incident occurred – are now tending to the casualty alongside members of the public.

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The casualty is on the ground and appears to have been thrown from their pushbike.

The road is currently open in both directions with some minor delays.

UPDATE @ 19:30 – Police and paramedics are now on scene, including an ambulance service duty officer.

The cyclist’s bicycle appears to be partially under the rear wheel of a Nissan Qashqai.

At this stage, the cyclist’s injuries are not thought to be life-changing or life-threatening.

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Diane Cohen

I did notice branches on the road.. maybe the cyclist hit one of these. Hopefully he is ok

Az-zahra Aziz

Was the bike well illuminated? Many are not, and in wet, steamy cars, with bright car lights blinding drivers, yet with dim LED street lamps, an ageing failing eyesight elderly drivers, or young chavs, high on drugs, cycling is a dangerous risk on our narrow, pot holed, rutted roads. Even those renewed are not immune from issues because Island roads just dump a ‘thick’ layer of tarmac, rather than dig up the old layers, the road becomes higher than the verge, and although a token gesture of soil is smeared in the void, the rain soon erodes it away adding… Read more »


The main problem is you can’t take a bike on the bus this should change

Jonah Levington

Totally agree, hope the casualty is safe however you are certainly correct. I’ve heard it from the Island Road bloke who works in Ryde telling us that they don’t use the correct tarmac or Make sure they even put the correct thickness down on many of the roads which in turn is a danger that causes slippery surfaces. They use substandard materials and employ morons! No wonder Island Roads are the laughing stock. This is the dumping ground for all their incompetent staff and it goes to show by the way they have already spend all their budget in less… Read more »

Kev Bennett

Wow! There’s a whole load of presumptions.

John Cage

“an ageing failing eyesight elderly drivers, or young chavs, high on drugs” Your depth of character is wonderful, you should write for TV, the avoidance of general stereotypes and tropes is wonderful. Now tell me about the scary foreigners.

Zack Zuck

Is that near the crossroads by all the “Reduce speed now” signs by any chance?


Just to say I hope all involved are OK before the blame is put on anyone before facts are known

Steph McQueen

Illuminated? Are you kidding? I have been totally blinded this week by the LED lights on 2 bikes which left me having to adjust my night vision. Lucky I didn’t go up a bank.

Az-zahra Aziz

Rear lighting is needed to be more visible on cycles.

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