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roadclosedPreparation work has begun on a scheme to improve one of the Island’s most distinctive roads – Culver Down Road.

The road, which is in very poor condition, will be strengthened and resurfaced in 4 weeks of work by Island Roads.

The site is unusual for several reasons. Not only is the 2.5km road, one of the few long roads on the public highway network for which there is no diversion available, it is also within a Site of Special Scientific Interest with the surrounding land owned by the National Trust.

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In order to develop a scheme that both strengthens and resurfaces the highway while respecting its unique location and nature, Island Roads has been liaising closely with the National Trust.

The scheme, which began this week, will be in 2 phases. The first is programmed to last a total of 10 days and see sections of the road strengthened along one side using specially reinforced material that includes recycled material. The second phase, scheduled to begin after a break for the school half-term holiday, will see the resurfacing work carried out over 10 weekday days. Designated passing points will be created as part of the project.

During the first phase of works, vehicular access will be maintained although some delays may be possible because activity taking place. The road will be closed between 06:00 and 18:00 (again not at weekends) during the resurfacing works.

Prior to work beginning meetings have been held with affected residents and businesses.

Island Roads project manager Derek Benfield has said:

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“We are very grateful to the business and residents affected by this scheme and also to the National Trust for their co-operation.

“Given the nature of the road it is inevitable that there will be some inconvenience although we have programmed the work to be undertaken as late in the year as possible. Not working at weekends or over half term will also help reduce the impact on events such as the Beer and Bus festival which makes a stop at the Culver Haven Inn.

“Given that this work is being undertaken late in the year on what is a particularly exposed site it is possible the programme may change and, if that is the case, we will keep residents and businesses informed.”

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