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Emergency services are attending a road traffic collision at Lake this afternoon (Tuesday) with delays reported in and around the area.

A car and a motorcycle are reported to have been involved in the incident on Newport Road, close to the 3-way traffic lights at Lake High Street.

The incident occurred shortly before 15:15.

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Police are on scene but traffic is backed up in all directions.

UPDATE @ 16:20 – No one has been seriously injured in the collision, which has involved a Ford Fiesta and a motorcycle. The crash has occurred at the junction with Louis Road.

An oil spill is reported and therefore Island Roads have been called to the scene.

Motorists should avoid the area if possible.

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Sick and tired of the way people drive on the IOW with complete reckless abandon, the only one good thing is every time one of these moron drivers wipes out. They are off the roads for the time being adleast. Though always at the expnese of some one else regrettably.


so which one of the two involved was driving with “with complete reckless abandon” then ?
(if you don’t know,…. perhaps you shouldn’t comment)


Obviously one of them or both as there can only be three possible outcomes.
1. The drivers fault
2. The motorcyclist fault
3. Both the driver and motorcyclist fault
I have every right to comment, the real question is will you be next to have a collision on the Isle of Wight ? (if you don’t know,…. perhaps you shouldn’t comment)………


Could just as easily been a problem with the car or bike? Not necessarily human error. As people have said unless you know the facts ……


Well Smithy, let’s just say for arguments sake that there was a problem with the car or bike mechanically. Then it is still 100% the fault of the owner/user of the vehicle. If a car/bike has tires with not enough tread on it would you still use it? If a car/bike has worn out brakes/rotors would you still use it? If a car/bike has faulty lights would you still use it? If you have a medical condition that means you could possibly put other people lives in danger as you are not up to the task of using a vehicle… Read more »

Dystopian World

I agree with N/A.. Some People are Careless and Ignorant.. I Witness it on Roads All The Time..
Bad Things Happening to People Who Actually Pay Attention because of Ignorants..
Rather Slow Down to Speed Limits for Reasons and Keep Distance No Try to Be Right Behind Your Car’s Ass Etc….
Go on Legit Race Track If You have ‘Fast & Furious’ Moments.. No Risk Other People Lives coz You Play Macho on the Roads….


You agree by na stating it’s island drivers ??? No it happens all over the world
I’m sick of Leonel slagging iow people off
Don’t like it F off


I agree stop slagging Isle of Wight drivers off I work all over the mainland and then 10 times worse and over here ear if you don’t like it the boat runs both ways and come over here


It happens all over the world have you not been to France ?


Sure, collisions happen all over the world, however there is a significant large amount of road users on the IOW who drive like it’s a free for all anything goes wild west style. Hence all the collisions that happen so frequently. Also, just because it’s the truth that there are many bad road users on the IOW does not mean that I am slagging people off for highlighting the facts of the matter. Road users need to start taking responsibility for their actions. And you know something it may cost them the ultimate price one of these days. I have… Read more »


Accident: noun
an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
“he had an accident at the factory”
an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.
“the pregnancy was an accident”.

Accidents do happen they are unplanned and don’t necessarily happen because of idiotic individuals.

N/A if you can’t put your name to a comment then don’t try to be a keyboard warrior.


More bad driving on the Island

Don’t care

Oh shut up

Dave Rivett

Re the 2 previous comments, unless you actually witnessed the accident you have no right to comment, you do not have the facts.


Collisions do not happen by themselves; people or person are at fault. Be a man Dave and reach the top of the mental cliff where actions have consequences. People have to be held accountable.


Look N/A we know you don’t really believe the idiotic things that come out of that irrelevant mind of yours.
But you know it’ll bring reaction.
This incident involved a person on a motorbike riding into a person in a car.
One of the vehicles/persons involved was not was not legally allowed on the road.
The other was an inecent victim.
What is frightening was the Police took close to 40 minutes to arrive,
Ambulance 15-20 minutes.


PCW, Its news to me that people or person who are at fault is seen by you and others as “idiotic things” it’s interesting you say “that irrelevant mind of yours” my mind must be so irrelevant to you that you decided to write a comment about me, I see how that works. Let me tell you something PCW you are a weak-minded person, on the fence type of person who lacks conviction. I am telling this to you for your own benefit. As per your understanding of the collision basically someone was at fault. Just as I had already… Read more »

Paul Osborn

Although I agree it’s bad to assume, to be fair, it’s not like everyone is perfect at driving/riding, no matter what age or how long they’ve been on the road. It’s rare to see people sticking to the speed limit all the time, always indicating correctly even with no vehicles around, respecting others limits of their driving/vehicles capabilities. We’re all human with emotions which provokes impatients.

Don’t care

Totally agree Find out the facts. Before you comment

Fred Nurke

When there are no injuries, why does it always take so long to clear the scene? Time after time, people are put to the inconvenience and expense of long delays. Most situations can be cleared in 30 mins, given the will.
Call recovery, job done.

Fred Nurke

When there are no serious injuries, why does it always take so long to clear the scene? Time after time, people are put to the inconvenience and expense of long delays. Most situations can be cleared in 30 mins, given the will.
Call recovery, job done. Everyone can get on with their lives.

Phil mccavity

More bad driving on the I o w


The perfect driver does not exist, the standards of driving are in decline, I witness the same day in day out. However if we ALL paid more attention to our own driving and showed more consideration for others the Island roads would be a lot safer. As for continued stupid comments from people who did not witness a particular ‘ ACCIDENT ‘, keep your biased ignorant comments to yourself, there are multiple causes to accidents, and they do not always result from poor driving, they can result from mechanical failure, a medical issue, swerving to avoid an object, oil on… Read more »


KEV, the reasons you mention for accidents (no such thing by the way) are NOT the RULE for collisions on the Island they are the EXCEPTION. Why is it that people like you on this island have such a difficult time comprehending that there are many bad road users on the island and its ultimately their own fault. People must be held accountable.


Think I’ll give Lake a miss for a while, at least until the gremlin moves on. It’s all his fault

Island Fool

When are we going to get our free internet???

Bobby tupper

You’re all missing the key word here, Accident !!!!!


I was the Motorcyclist. I wasnt able to walk for 2 days and can only just walk with pain now. Also I was filtering when the car pulled out and didnt see me coming, I went into the right of her front bumper and landed on the roof of the car.

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