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Cowes Carnival Committee has this evening (Friday) announced that they have taken the decision to cancel both their main and illuminated carnivals for 2020.

This year would have been their 124th year but due to the continued uncertainty during these unprecedented times, the organisers are not willing to put the public at risk.

Organisers have also said they are not prepared to select 6 girls and place them at risk, also.

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However, once the Government guidelines have been relaxed, Cowes Carnival’s Spot the Window event will take place in hope to bring people back to the high street.

A car treasure hunt will also be organised so that families can take part and have some fun once the restrictions have been lifted.

Later in the year, Father Christmas is still planning on doing his rounds collecting his letters with precautions being put in place to allow children to see Father Christmas whilst staying safe at the same time.

Next year will be Cowe’s 125th anniversary and are hoping the community will support them in the years to come.

The news comes just over a month after Shanklin Carnival also cancelled all their summer events.

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Carnival wisely cancelled…
But yachting looks like carrying on. You can see whos taking this virus seriously, and those that just don’t care.

none given

no – You can see who is lapping up the spoon fed media hype and those that quite rightly, are out on the water.

Furloughed Frank

Get used to such. For the country will be, post CV, as it was not so long back, with a true class distinction of those who have, and those who await a few crumbs to fall from the table of those people.

The better classes will be happy to drive on quite roads, with the masses soon unable to afford electric cars thus being priced off the roads.

The rich will much prefer their luxury holidays abroad without the tax credits paying for tattooed chavs, feral clones, running amok everywhere they visit.

None given

With so many furloughed or out of work spending any savings they had, the government goal of impoverishing a few more will have worked. By locking down the economy to save a few from a nasty bug that doesn’t like obese, old or those with existing health conditions, the government has not allowed this crisis to go to waste. More control over a gullible population has been achieved because it has been demanded by a weak and pathetic populus that need nannying from cradle to the grave by the state. One year on it will be countless off sick with… Read more »


Any news on Cowes week please?

Frank Peters

Excuse me!
“Organisers have also said they are not prepared to select 6 girls and place them at risk, also”.
Thought the Islands carnivals season we’re going to be ‘gender neutral’?
Well that bit of (absurd) political correctness obviously didn’t get passed by Cowes carnival committee.

none given

the gender neutral brigade have been put back in their box for now – covid has taken centre stage and rendered their pointless, pc claptrap to the bin, where it belongs.

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