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Despite being several months away, the organising committee of one of the Island’s favourite carnivals has decided not to proceed with this year’s events.

In a statement related tonight, Shanklin Carnival has said that after much thought and deliberation, it is with deep regret that they have decided to cancel their carnivals for 2020.

The statement says:

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”With the risk to public health and the amount of work it takes to plan and deliver our carnival, including the many bookings and other organisational details, we feel that it just wont be possible to pull it together”.

As well as the children’s, main and illuminated carnivals being cancelled, other events planned such as the Carnival Queen Selection event will also no longer be taking place.

The committee adds:

”We are sorry to deliver such disappointing news but hope you all are safe and well”.

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Least the Festival had not be cancelled, as low risk all those people from around the world coming here, and crowds of unwashed, hot sweaty drunk and drugged people crammed cheek to jawl in tiny tents, are clearly a low risk situation.

Common Sense

Yep. I keep saying this. They are in denial. No acts are going to want to come, nor the great unwashed. I’m surprised our Bob hasn’t stepped in to make them wake up and smell the coffee. You can still actively purchase tickets from the website (if you’re stupid enough to), and then, of course, when it is eventually cancelled, you will only get back the face value of the ticket, NOT the booking fee. Therefore, I can only assume it is about ripping the punters off

A. Resident

IOW Festival has been cancelled its been announced shame its only cancelled for this year permanently would of been better

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