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PCNMotorists attending a popular show at Medina Theatre on Wednesday evening, left with no option to park on grass verges and other areas, have hit out after jobsworth traffic wardens ticketed vehicles with a £35 fine.

The sold-out hairdressing show, organised by students and staff from the Isle of Wight College, was taking place alongside the normal activities of the Medina Lesuire Center when the wardens descended on the out-of-town location – a practice often seen in other areas of the Island during carnivals and major events when the prospect of issuing more tickets is heightened. 

Responding to complaints, an Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said:

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“The council has a duty to enforce parking regulations to ensure areas are safe and vehicles are not causing obstructions. Civil enforcement officers regularly work late shifts and visited several parts of Newport last night including Medina Leisure Centre. The area was busy as the leisure centre was open and an event was being held at the theatre and in the school.

“Concerns have been raised to us that vehicles were parked on double yellow lines, were not parked in designated bays and were parked on grass verges in contravention of the parking regulations. These were ticketed and we are investigating the circumstances that led to the vehicles being issued with parking tickets. If it is found that any tickets were issued incorrectly then they will be cancelled.”

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