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Burger King will welcome customers to its first Isle of Wight store from Monday, it has been confirmed.

The fast food giant will be holding a soft opening on Monday 16th December with reduced opening hours ahead of an official launch in January.

Last night rumours were rife on social media that Burger King had opened and free food was being handed out. However, it seems that this was left over food from a friends & family evening.

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A grand opening will be held in January with a food giveaway!

A spokesperson for Burger King has said:

“We can confirm that a new Burger King restaurant will be opening in Newport, Isle of Wight, at Coppins Bridge Leisure Park.

“The restaurant will operate at selected opening hours from 16th December, before its grand opening in January.

“To celebrate the official launch, there will be an exciting giveaway in the new year for hungry locals who want to eat like the King himself, so watch this space.”

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Yum Yum

Tim C

Oh, I am THERE!! Eat like a king? I’m gonna single handedly try to eat their whole stock. I’m gonna eat it till I’m sick and that will be that for a year! Oh yeah 😀

Island Fool

Got your benefits early?

Zack Zuck

No, unlike you, some of us have a job roflmao.

Lesley Riley

Can’t wait!


If they are going to be giving away free food in January how about helping the homeless.

Zack Zuck

If I was homeless I’d rather go hungry

Dave Rivett

I only ever went into a Burger King once, never again! Tasteless, with a consistency of sawdust. Just like McDonald’s. American rubbish.

Zack Zuck


Island Fool


Zack Zuck

Call me a chav all you like, sorry I have taste!



Grumpy Old Git

Funny you should say that, I was walking down past KFC this morning and two young men in their twenties were having a discussion about Burger King and saying how much better it is than McD. I used to have to go to Southampton Hospital once a year, and the highlight of that was lunch in the Burger King there.
Only thing that would be better than that would be a Nandos cos KFC has more grease than a garage.

Paul O'Rourke

The Island doesn’t have the demography for a Nandos, they’ve already said that.

Stefan C. Attrill

I have been to a Nandos twice (in Northampton); never again.

It is overpriced with mediocre quality food. I still don’t know what all the fuss is about (Nandos).

Bob Frapples

Wait for it, wait for it


Does it do breakfast

Joe Blogs

I’ll stick with KFC.




What times will it be open on Monday. My son is looking forward to it opening but thinks it will be January. Might surprise him and take him in Monday but need opening times. Does anyone know them please.

Paul O'Rourke

Try reading the article.

Paul O'Rourke

More free food at the launch, that’ll give the food banks a rest for a few hours.


Paul O’Rouke. Read the article and it says soft hours. What the heck is soft hours.??????

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