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Conservative’s Bob Seely has once again been elected as Member of Parliament for the Isle of Wight – securing 41,815 votes in yesterday’s General Election.

Islanders headed to the polls on Thursday to cast their vote in what has been dubbed the Brexit Election. The turnout of 74,691 (66.09%) was on par with 2017’s 74,576 (67.38%).

Bob received a total of 38,190 votes in the previous election, but 2 years on and this time around he secured 41,815 votes – a majority of 23,737. It’s another victory for the Conservatives, who have held the Isle of Wight seat since 2001.

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Labour’s Richard Quigley took second place with 18,078 votes, beating the Green Party’s Vix Lowthion in third place with 11,338 votes – a decrease from the 12,915 votes she received in 2017.

All 3 independent candidates lost their deposits as they did not secure 5% of the total votes cast. Carl Feeney gained 1,542 votes, Karl Love 874 votes and Daryll Pitcher 795 votes.

The number of ballot papers rejected (247) was as follows:

• Want of an official mark – 0
• Voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to – 32
• Writing or mark by which voter could be identified –3
• Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty – 212


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Darren Street

Well done to Bob Seely, it is fair to say that Bob/Tories are clearly the most appropriate person/party to represent the Isle of Wight, watching the hustlings hosted last week by IWRadio Bob was by far the most educated and by far the most professional in his answering to the questions asked, it was extremely disappointing to hear the hecklers in the crowd each time Bob spoke however it is now clear that these hecklers were a minority ! I sincerely hope that the Isle of Wight over the next 5 years under the Tories is now recognised as an… Read more »

Wayne Kingston

Good for the country but God help us on the Isle of Wight

Island Boy

Whilst l did not place my vote with the re elected MP, he has kept hold of his seat with a large majority……. so Mr Seely, now you have retained the position of the voice of the people on the Isle of Wight, it is now time for you to start work for the people of the Island. How about by giving us a commitment to sort out the chain ferry, get something done to reclaim some of the excess cash taxpayers have had to throw at it. More importantly. The cross Solent ferry companies… Bring them to task over… Read more »

Bob Frapples

Wait for it,wait for it

John Pole

Disappointing for the IOW unlucky Carl


At last the quest for a fixed link is over.


5more years of pain but still labour came a good second,well done Simon

Zack Zuck

I also come second sometimes, keeps the missus happy

none given

Well done Bob – over 2000 more people got out and voted for you this time than in the last election. Commiserations to the others. Get Brexit done and perhaps now, all the do gooding, hand wringing, liberal lefties, will accept the fact that no matter what they say or do, once again, the country has spoken in a democratic election – we are leaving the EU. Referendum in 2016 – result – leave the EU General Election 2017 – result – tory victory on the back of a brexit manifesto General Election 2019 – result – absolute landslide victory… Read more »


Great news now we can get the hell out of Europe !

Clare Steen

Wonderful news not just for our Island, but for the rest of the UK.
This result is the best Christmas present for all of us, now we must move on and re-build our future..

Just Saying

One of the first jobs for the new MP is to make Wightlink accountable for its cancelled sailings so travellers are financially compensated.


Yes, all other transport operators do, why should WL/RF be exempt. I recently had compo from Brittany ferries for a cancellation without asking.

Quentin Crisp

And build a bridge

Concerned of Wootton

What we all need to remember now, are the promises that the CONservative party made to get re-elected. 50000 new nurses and 50 million more GP appointments a year. 20000 new police officers, Millions more invested every week in science, schools, apprenticeships and infrastructure while controlling debt. Reaching Net Zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. They will not raise the rate of income tax, VAT or National Insurance. And finally “We will get Brexit done in January and unleash the potential of our whole country” If any… Read more »


Hallelujah, well done bob. I’m not a big fan but hey, the People of the country with a brain can take a big sigh of relief knowing that those retarded Marxists Corbin and McDonald’s are history.


We can look forward to more st marys roundabout chaos, floating bridge decisions ect cant wait!!


It would be far better, more proactive and a better prospect for the island if Mr Seely actually lived in his constituency instead of predominantly residing on the mainland. How can someone have a voice for the island, representing us in the house of commons when the gentleman who is elected spends the majority of his time away from the public who elected him? Should he not listen to his constituents and then raise our concerns and fears for the islands future by being here to hear them instead of reading countless emails? Many a better island representative stood for… Read more »

none given

that is just it Neil – Bob was the best out of the candidates that stood – he gained a higher number of votes this time, than he did two years ago – clearly the islanders are happy with the service he provides.

none of the others standing came even close to his level of capability

Quentin Crisp

What you mean to say, the old people who are one foot in the grave voted him again for no apparent reason.

none given


no, a significant number of us who are no where near being old, voted for Bob – because he is the only one with any credibility amongst all those standing.

your arrogance is breathtaking

Robert jolliffe

Well done Mr seely very much the only one for job ahead,democracy rules.

Zack Zuck

Ahh, butthurt is delicious

Zack Zuck

Reminder that downvoting my comments only proves my point


It is an impressive result…for the right wing press who told you all what to do. Free will and reasoned discussion? You have been completely played. And those of you over 60 –

none given

@quaesitror.. the words….sore loser, appear to be appropriate here The relentless, left wing biased campaign via social media and mainstream media has been nothing short of repugnant. Thankfully the people do not listen to such clap trap and voted accordingly. There is no need for debate, we voted to put the tories in power for a minimum of five years in our droves, because the rest felt that we should be dictated to and ignored. Those that tried to thwart the will of the people lost their seats, all of them. Referendum 2016 – we said leave General election 2017… Read more »

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