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bembridgernlimedivacroughconditionsoct16Bembridge RNLI lifeboat launched to medivac a crew member on board the Dutch registered coaster ‘Norrfury’ who had injured his hand whilst en-route to Grimbergan yesterday afternoon (Wednesday).

Shortly after launching at around 16:00, the volunteer lifeboat crew were forced to use the emergency steering position on the Upper Bridge Deck of the All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) following a steering system malfunction. Despite this, the ‘Alfred Albert Williams’ ALB rendezvoused with the ‘Norrfury’ around 7 nautical miles South East of Bembridge by around 16:30.

Although the sea conditions were rough, the lifeboat successfully came alongside the 3000 tonne vessel and the casualty was able to safely step onboard. On the recommendation of Solent Coastguard, who had ascertained that St Mary’s Hospital had a specialist surgeon available, Bembridge Lifeboat proceeded to Cowes and was alongside Trinity Pontoon by around 17:50.

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Unfortunately, the tasking hit another snag as the ambulance that had been requested to attend to the casualty had been diverted to a higher priority task. With a bit of good luck, one of the Bembridge crew member’s girlfriend had just got into Cowes on the Red Jet and along with the crew member kindly took the casualty to A&E in her car.

After waiting for just over an hour in Cowes to allow the tide to drop so that the rough conditions on the slipway had time to reduce, the Alfred Albert Williams returned to Bembridge and was successfully rehoused on the first attempt by 19:30.

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