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Photos: Georgie Fryer/RSPCA

A baby hare – known as a leveret – has been brought back from the brink of death by the RSPCA Godshill Isle of Wight Animal Centre.

A Rookley householder weeding his garden found the tiny, soaking wet creature huddled up in a bush at the tail end of last month. Judging by his condition, the little animal – only a few days old – had been left alone for a considerable time, and the concerned member of public rushed the little animal straight to RSPCA Godshill.

The abandoned little hare’s condition was critical and it was feared he might not survive. But dedicated staff at the RSPCA branch worked hard to warm him up and happily, after some time, he began to perk up.

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The RSPCA branch named him Kenny Leveret and now, 2 weeks on, 3-hourly hand-feeds given by staff member Georgie Fryer are helping to build his strength.

The RSPCA hopes Kenny will be ready to release at 8-12 weeks old on local farmland where there are lots of other hares.

Unlike rabbits, leverets (baby hares) are born mobile, fully furred and with eyes open. They also don’t live in burrows (warrens) like rabbits and are normally left alone from an early age for long periods of time, hiding in small depressions in the ground called ‘scrapes’. Their mother will return to feed them though, usually around dusk or some time during the night.

RSPCA advice – once you can confirm it is a hare and not a rabbit, is to watch from a distance to see if its mother returns. If she has not returned by 2 hours after dusk, contact the animal charity on 0300 1234 999.

To help RSPCA Godshill continue to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate animals in need of care please visit their Amazon wish list.

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