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Police on the Isle of Wight are appealing for witnesses to come forward after yesterday’s motorcycle crash in East Cowes, which has left a 71-year-old man with serious head injuries.

The motorcyclist, who had been riding a green and white Peugeot Django, was found in Saunders Way at around 10:52 yesterday morning (Monday) by a member of the public who lives nearby. They did not see the crash, which it’s thought had happened only moments before.

As previously reported by Island Echo, the male was rushed to St Mary’s Hospital under Police escort. He has since been flown to Southampton General Hospital for specialist treatment.

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Officers investigating the circumstances of the incident are now appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

Anyone who saw the crash or the rider on his motorbike shortly before it happened are asked to contact the Roads Policing Team on 101, quoting Operation Tax.

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Hope the person makes good recovery.

Claire Dinsdale

He may have had a medical episode.

Roger Cheesman

Mary Jamerson, why do you make any assumption that this gentleman was speeding. You have no reason to state this and doing so is wholly inappropriate. You weren’t there and you just don’t know!

Don't tell him pike.

She didn’t


I think she ment on the original thread people were saying it must have been a youngster speeding and making a point of saying don’t make assumptions that it was a young person or that they were speeding.


Exactly what I thought about all the comments that appeared on the original story Mary.
Young or old even at 30 mph you are at the mercy of other vehicles and street furniture (and many other things) should you come off a motorcycle!
Oh and before you 4 wheelers chip in about how unsafe motorcycles are I see many more car crashes reported than I’d care to mention.
All road users are at risk of injury or death if the uncalculated were to happen!


thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery to the gentleman involved also to the family

susan williams

the road was very wet


That’s called rain. It does that, if you haven’t been following, it’s been raining over the whole island the past couple of days

Sheena warder

Mary firstly 71 is not old and secondly our wonderful st.Mary’s hospital does not need not deserve your sarcastic comment!!!


How dare assume this man was speeding, and 71 is hardly old, honestly why dint these numb nuts think before they make assumptions


I agree, mind you many are old in their late fifties (both men and,women) whereas many are “young” well into their seventies! It pays to be active in body and in mind!

Mary Jamerson

I certainly never meant the elderly man was speeding on his motor cycle. I do stick to my assumption that he is likely far better off to be being cared for at Southampton than here.

Hope his family and visitors can afford to pay the steamer boat fare, as expensive the last time I went over there.


I do feel sorry for the chap, it could be any number of reasons, ie: diesel or petrol on the road, maybe an oncoming vehicle cutting the bend, ( that seems to be normal over here), could have been a medical problem or even did not judge the corners well enough… Best we wait for more real news instead of pointing a finger !

Az-zahra Aziz

Roads are so full of pot holes, yet Island roads are at Yaverland car park, re tarmacking that. And, only a few weeks ago were jet washing the walls at the Mall at Carisbrooke.
Sort out the dangerous roads. Prioritise the work out, before the pot runs dry.

Craig Chilton

It doesn’t matter what vehicle you are using, nor whether you are classed as “young” or “old”. Road conditions affect ALL users. I had many, many years a s a professional driver, PSV, HGV, limo chauffer and taxi driver. In 40 years of accident-free driving, and all sorts of vehicles, I’ve seen numerous accidents that could otherwise have been avoided with a bit of thought to road conditions.


FFS, A poor man was seriously injured and you lot of F’ing idiots are so quick to blame, assume, cast aspersions. This was a serious accident that has left a fellow biker in a serious condition FACT. Please think of his family and friends and thankfully the people who found him in time. I hope that if ever I have a spill they are there for me now BACK OFF.
Happy to discuss.

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