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The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the Isle of Wight now sits at 45.

Official figures from Public Health England have revealed that the number of cases has increased from 41 on Thursday to 45 today (Saturday).

Despite the rise, the Isle of Wight has one of the lowest numbers of confirmed cases in the country. That said, there will be many other people infected with the virus across the Island who have not been tested.

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Nationally, the number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 stands at 78,991 (as of 10th April). There have been 9,875 deaths, including 7 locally.

As of Thursday, a total of 9 people admitted to St Mary’s Hospital, who previously tested positive for COVID-19, have been discharged.

The British Army has begun work to transform 3 buildings at the St Mary’s Hospital site in Newport into fully functioning wards, increasing bed capacity by 200. It is thought that beds have been removed from the disused Camp Hill prison to assist with the efforts.

For the latest information on coronavirus here on the Isle of Wight visit

Symptoms of coronavirus

Stay at home if you have either:

a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

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a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

shortness of breath.

To protect others, do not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Stay at home.

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu. Research shows it takes, on average, around 5 days for symptoms to start showing.

Use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do.

Use the 111 coronavirus service for information.

Only call 111 if you cannot get help online.

How long to stay at home

if you have symptoms of coronavirus, you'll need to stay at home for 7 days.

if you live with someone who has symptoms, you'll need to stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person in the home started having symptoms

If you live with someone who is 70 or over, has a long-term condition, is pregnant or has a weakened immune system, try to find somewhere else for them to stay for 14 days.

If you have to stay at home together, try to keep away from each other as much as possible.

Read the NHS advice about staying at home.

How to avoid catching and spreading coronavirus (social distancing)

Everyone should do what they can to stop coronavirus from spreading.


wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds

always wash your hands when you get home or into work

use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available

cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze

put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards

avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of coronavirus

only travel on public transport if you need to

work from home, if you can

avoid social activities, such as going to pubs, restaurants, theatres and cinemas

avoid events with large groups of people

use a phone, online services, or apps to contact your GP surgery or other NHS services


do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

do not have visitors to your home, including friends and family

Advice for people at high risk

If you're at high risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus, there are extra things you should do to avoid catching it.

These include:

not leaving your home – you should not go out to do shopping, visit friends or family, or attend any gatherings

avoiding close contact with other people in your home as much as possible

Read the full advice on protecting yourself if you're at high risk from coronavirus on GOV.UK.

Who is at high risk?

You may be at high risk from coronavirus if you:

have had an organ transplant

are having certain types of cancer treatment

have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia

have a severe lung condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma

have a condition that makes you much more likely to get infections

are taking medicine that weakens your immune system

are pregnant and have a serious heart condition

If you're at high risk, you will be contacted by the NHS by Sunday 29 March 2020. Do not contact your GP or healthcare team at this stage – wait to be contacted.

How coronavirus is spread

Because it's a new illness, the NHS does not know exactly how coronavirus spreads from person to person.

Similar viruses are spread in cough droplets.

It's very unlikely it can be spread through things like packages or food.

Pregnancy advice

If you're pregnant and worried about coronavirus, you can get advice about coronavirus and pregnancy from the Royal College of Obstretricians and Gynaecologists.

Travel advice

There are some countries and areas where there's a higher chance of coming into contact with someone with coronavirus.

If you're planning to travel abroad and are concerned about coronavirus, see advice for travellers on GOV.UK.

Treatment for coronavirus

There is currently no specific treatment for coronavirus.

Antibiotics do not help, as they do not work against viruses.

Treatment aims to relieve the symptoms while your body fights the illness.

You'll need to stay in isolation, away from other people, until you have recovered.

More information

GOV.UK: coronavirus action plan
GOV.UK: information on coronavirus and the situation in the UK
NHS England: coronavirus for health professionals

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Stay at home

I had to walk down to the shop in Ryde yesterday. There was a group of people congregated in the shelter opp Parish church, another group of the usual scummy type of people stood around talking under the bus shelter, another group coming along taking up all the pavement on the other side, down the small side street a group of 6 young people came out of an area all together and went up the road, there were people standing around in front gardens talking to each other stood much closer than the recommended distance. The irony is I was… Read more »


Whilst feeling sorry for your traumatic days, every day it would seem due to the hoods of Ryde, I thought I would supply a link for you, not to belittle your suffering, but just to make you see, that some have it far, far worse, and have coped. I hope your life improves soon and you find some germ free veg.

Hope this helps you see life can be far worse for some. Stay safe.

Joanne Newnham

Shame it doesn’t target certain walks of life


Offer your help and may be that would change

Theresa Davies

I live in Ryde and I’ve seen the same! WHERE are the police??


I had to go out today into town but there weren’t that many about. Like you said though the usual low life so drunk the could Arlen walk down around the Parish church. There were a few in the coop but it was cicvilised really and good on the staff they greeted us with a freshly cleaned basket. Very nice. I like my walk of an afternoon or evening when there’s not many around. It was lovely today so good on those staying home in their gardens. I hope we can keep the numbers down for this awful disease, we… Read more »

Ryde Reader

Ryde is not in lockdown at all People everywhere. It went quiet when Boris was first in hospital but numbers have started to grow again. The bank holiday is alive and thriving here.

O and Boy racers circling the town, speeding and drawing attention to themselves, why can’t somebody make use of these imbeciles? Delivering groceries, presciptions etc at least they would be driving around for a purpose.

I thought the police was supposed to be checking people and drivers? Is this happening?

Joanne Newnham

People staying in their second home cottage over the road have just had more family arriving wtf is wrong with the ferries if i cant usr my car to take my dog for a walk how are they able to travel miles from the mainland to here do they think wr don’t have it here already and don’t they know we have1yed1 hospital that will not cope with islanders getting it let alone people who don’t even live here call me narrow minded but common sense prebails surely in these times


I would report them


Have to say today I saw the police telling two men off opposite Ryde School to move on as they were sun bathing on the church green.


It’s all utter rubbish anyway. Listen I’m not one for any conspiracy theories but it doesn’t take a genius to know this is all propaganda. How many people here know anyone who has died? No one. Boris and his no.2 miraculously survived this deadly virus lmao.The amount of deaths are less than the amount of deaths for the last 5 years. Only the idiots are the ones listening to the government.

Mr Angry

You are a disgrace to humanity and an oxygen thief. Its idiots like you that are causing the deaths of so many. Wake up and smell the roses you dickhead, this is not propaganda this is real and if you still dont think it is then offer your services to the NHS on one of the wards where they are treating these poor people, no didn’t think you would so keep your childish comments to yourself and grow up!

None Given

tommo – on the one hand, there is absolutely no need whatsoever for the entire country to be suffering this stalinst regime of lockdown and over zealous police stomping all over human beings rights to free movement. 55 million people a year die around the world. 108,492 at the latest count have died of coronavirus – or so they say..there is a difference between died of and died with coronavirus. numbers taken from website below and were correct at time of posting. 236,000 have died so far this year of water related diseases. 136,365 seasonal flu deaths this year, so… Read more »

mr justice

None given. You started off well with all the right facts, well done. But fell down with the second piece about it being a permanent feature of human society. That’s what they want everybody to believe. Then this society distancing, and control of movement will be a permanent feature of society, do we really want that.? I would rather die on my feet then live on my knees!


In relation to the people coming to the Island to their holiday homes be it in a tent to their big houses in various part of the area, despite all the government warnings. I would ask the following questions
1. If the Island was the only place affected by this virus would you still come from the mainland?
2. Why are you willing to spread the infection and possible death.


I cannot believe there are still people out there who think this nightmare isn’t real! Yes I know people who have died of this awful disease on this island. I also know many who go into work every day to care for them all as well and risk their own lives in the process, and also their very own families by bringing it home with them. How can you be so naive or plain ignorant to the truth. I would hate to be as sad a person as that, however being in denial is probably all the feelings they can… Read more »

Mr justice

I dont think anybody in there right mind can deny there is a virus. What most people on here dont seem to understand, is that people are starting to see the way that the situation is being manipulated by the government for their own agenda. It seems any person with a different perspective on this situation, is a conspiracy nutter. That’s a shame, many times in history, it has been shown that if people questioned the narrative and thought for themselves then the out come would have been completely different. Watching with interest.

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