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The Thames Valley Air Ambulance has been called to Newchurch tonight (Saturday) as a result of a car crashing into a tree at the side of the road.

Firefighters from Newport, Sandown and Shanklin are currently on scene at Winford Road alongside the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service, which has 1 Ambulance and a duty officer in attendance.

The crash has happened between the junctions of Watery Lane and Harbour Lake Road on a section of road recently made 30mph.

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Debris has been throw across the carriageway as a result of a car crashing into a tree, causing significant damage to the vehicle.

The driver, who is out of the car, is currently being assessed at the scene by paramedics and specialist doctors from the air ambulance team.

Police have closed the road in both directions but a local diversion via Harbour Lake Road is possible.

The incident occurred at just before 20:10. No other vehicles are thought to be involved.

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Clive Hammond

More bad driving on Iow


Change the record, please!

Joe Bloggs

More uneducated people making uneducated comments.

Vic Simmonds

Looking at the IOW from outside though the number of single vehicle accidents does seem to be rather high.

john miller

You could make this comment in other areas like more bad driving in Hampshire,Dorset, Essex etc etc,then you could be boring to greater number of people


Make sure you know all of the facts before you make stupid assumptions


I am sure you would not be saying that if it was somebody you loved or a friend.


How much longer do we have to put up with this childish stupidity of a comment, grow up and act like a man.

Kev Ward

How do you know it was bad driving was you there??

Sarah Lewis

For goodness sake, someone could be seriously injured and all some of you wanna do is make snidey remarks. Yes it may be due to someone speeding, but it could equally be someone who’s had a heart attack or something at the wheel. If you cant show a bit of compassion then dont comment


So even the trees at the SIDE of the road are no longer safe


It’s impossible to comment on a specific accident unless you’r there.
Nevertheless, generally, we have yet another single vehicle accident is, ‘something’ distracting drivers ?

Az-zahra Aziz

They need to change the speed from 30 to 20mph, as clearly Islanders, according to the ‘sages’ below, never drive badly, so it must be the dangerous road conditions and the speed limit needs to be lower still.

John E

Wrong Time – I was second person to ring 999 and that was at 7.23pm

Mary Jamerson

It must be bad driving. My little car has managed to stick to that road for the last decade and that was before the limit was changed to thirty miles per hour.

Drunk I would guess or on these mind bending lcd tablets.

Zack Zuck

Bit hard to swallow a LCD tv screen in my honest opinion LOL

Mr T

Poor tree

Old bean

Love your comment joe

Island Fool

Getting close to Christmas……………


I just want to say a big thank you to the emergency services that attended my collision as they where amazing. Times like this really make you realise how good our emergency services are. Thank you to each and every one of you

Some Guy

Single vehicle accident……. Ok driver may of had a medical episode at the wheel I cant accept that I don’t know all the facts, I wasn’t there, if not then driver wasn’t driving according to the conditions so yeah bad driving.

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