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Matt Bundy, Trustee of Isle of Wight Pride and his partner Joe completed a gruelling challenge at the weekend to highlight LGBT+ human rights issues across the globe.

Setting off at 14:00 on Friday 13th April, Matt and Joe walked non stop on the Coastal path around the Island. During their walk, they dedicated each mile to a country where being LGBT+ is still illegal. They shared information about each country on Twitter, which was a brilliant way of raising awareness and also updating people who were following their walk.

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There was a live tracker so that people could follow their progress and cheer them along the way.

Speaking about the challenge Matt Bundy has said:

“Right now, there is a lot of physical and emotional exhaustion. Our legs don’t work and I think we have managed to gain 72 blisters between us too!

“Its pretty emotional too to think not only about what we have just done, but also the incredible engagement and awareness raising of vitally important issues.

“With the commonwealth heads of Government meeting this week, we urge Theresa May to ensure that LGBT+ rights are firmly on the agenda, its shocking that 37 of the commonwealth countries still discriminate and persecute LGBT+ citizens. This has to stop.”

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