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There are now 194 confirmed cases of coronavirus on the Isle of Wight, according to the latest information from Public Health England.

Today’s data shows an increase of 5 cases from 189 on Saturday. The infection rate now sits at 137.1.

NHS England report that there have now been 36 coronavirus deaths in hospital, with the Office for National Statistics confirming a further 22 people have died in the community. This brings the total Isle of Wight death toll to 58, as of today.

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35 hospital recoveries have been recorded, but it is unknown how many people within the community have recovered from COVID-19 after testing positive.

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Here comes the second wave,get ready for a full meltdown

NHS fan

It is really no surprise (if you accept the reports posted on the various social media sites and in the national press) that so, so many people continue to “do what they want” and then justify how the rules fit THEIR actions !! Apparently, second home owners are also being reported as retuning to their other Island homes. Alas !
I’ll now calmly wait for the wind-up brigade to best reflect their endorsement of freedom rights


It’s cos we are testing more per head of population than many areas stop being a scaremonger the island has been so quiet this weekend now in the words of Mrs Brown That’s Nice u probably will need to be educated to understand

Kevin Smith



There hasn’t even been a first wave on the island. What do you suggest? Keep the whole world locked up until this goes away? It’s not going anywhere until there is a vaccine and that may never happen! so we have to get on with our lives. What about everyone that has a disease other than covid shall we just let them all die? That is essentially what lock down is doing!!!!


If we could be told if these people are from care homes or just general public doing every day normal things, old or young etc. This would make it easier for me to decide whether or not to put my children back to school.


Think the decision to return children to school is easier if the children are young, as then, you can teach them all they will likely ever learn in the few short hours they are there. So to me, the risk to my young children is never ever worth it. I’d rather my child was slightly dimmer, which will make no difference in the wider scheme of things than risk dying or ending up damaged for life, no matter even if the risk is less for children. We are no longer told the age of the dead, nor the long term… Read more »


I think if you put the effort in your children will learn a lot more!! If you don’t then you will have a dim wit on your hands. Have a little think!!
Looks after you children.

mr justice

Wow! I’m lost for words!


You might not use much of your knowledge binky – but don’t label the rest of us, in the same light – some of us make use of our schooling and do well in life – those that are dimmer, as you put it – do not do well.

there is more much chance of your kid ending up in hospital with something else… they need to be schooled or they will be walked all over in later life, by those that have been schooled – your choice.


Mr justice: Unfortunately not for long one assumes anon 1: I did say, if you did learn to read in your ‘useful schooling’, that I suggested that older children returning to school would be a more difficult decision to make. Very young children, smearing paint on paper, chanting the alphabet, and learning the basics of writing and other simple tasks could all be learnt at home with ease, IF the parent(s) can be bothered. So for my young children, the risk is not worth it. You suggest that there is more chance of your child ending up in hospital ‘with… Read more »

mr justice

Binky keep taking your daily dose of fear ( MSM) and the advice from your liars ( government). I find it quite strange that, even when Your leaders put out information about how they have down graded this virus, so has the worlds cdc, you are still so panicked, that the fear you are living with is out of date! Astonishing!


binky – you are over estimating the risk – the teachers are just being whiny snowflakes – france has had about 70 cases of CV related to school environment out of 40000 schools – around 30% of kids are back or about 150,000 of them. They have not specified it is is the teachers though. the child annual mortality rate in france is 4 in 1000 live births – or 600 for 150,000 children born. That is almost two a day. may I remind you that 15 thousand children under 5, die each day in the developing world and in… Read more »


Children are not at risk!!


Sadly that’s not true. On the Mainland some children have died, a 13yr old whose funeral no one could attend and his last moments he was all alone in hospital. There have been younger children too. Suggest do some research x

Thank god for the NHS

Well it’s not slowing down is it? Until there’s a week without a rise I think it’s fair to say we are not safe! HOW CAN PEOPLE STILL BE GETTING INFECTED UNLESS ITS STILL IN THE COMMUNITY? People are still going out with symptoms you can hear people coughing walking down streets. The Government have not portrayed the right message which should be (even a small cough or any symptom) and stay home. Some people only get tiny amount of symptoms! But don’t click that it may be COVID-19. And think ah it’s only hayfever or a cold. Still I… Read more »

Opinions Matter

In response to THANK GOD FOR THE NHS. Biological Weapon, yes, my thoughts are the same as yours. An accident in the lab in China. This virus has spread too quickly so deadly. Not just a “normal” virus. It has created the damage it was designed to do?

mr justice

Oh conspiracy!! Ha ha ha. The same people that challenge me about conspiracies ( I have given facts) is now giving conspiracy theories. You couldn’t write this ha ha ha.


spoke to a friend in southsea today -the seafront and beaches were packed, as was southsea common. Almost like a summers day. if it wasn’t for the fact that Hovertravel is only running a service every two hours for key workers at the weekend, instead of every half hour then there would have been hordes pouring into Ryde all day. My friend said that because they only had one Hovercraft at 1030 then 1230, it was too late and too expensive for day trippers to travel over. He went past their southsea terminal and saw staff just chatting with no… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Reply to islander. This is a good thing, keeps the day trippers away as you said. The ferry companies are ok, if you remember the government gave them all a share of 10 million pound to keep them running for key workers and all our essential supplies.


We need to have more specific information


This is the point isn’t it. Anyone can make up narrative about where this disease persists and why, but facts are thin on the ground. If we had some knowledge about what situations tend to be more dangerous, we could act accordingly. As it is we’re stumbling around in the dark.

Opinions Matter

The virus was going to spread because more and more people are out and about. I agree with Val, if we were told the age of the deceased it would help guage the situation in the community. It was too early to ease the lockdown rules. Yes the economy is suffering but people are dying.


I thought you lot can all go out in public as normal as you are all related.. look don’t come to the main land.. we don’t want you.

Stay at home

BorrisJ, well, three quarters if not more of the people who live on the Isle of Wight are from the mainland to begin with. Certainly most people I meet were not Island born, but came to live here from the mainland. Maybe that is why life on the Island has gone downhill so rapidly over the years.


What a load of bull the Isle in in england

mr justice

So opinions matter, think! Give me one good reason why your liars( government) wouldn’t give out the age of the deceased? Why? If you and the MSM believers can’t work that out, then we really are done for. So, they lie to us all, don’t follow their rules, but tell us we have to ,and won’t give out the information needed, that would help calm people. And you all trust them? Yeah right!


The goverment have no clue what to do, they come out with this phrase approach but the truth is there using the young as test dummys on june the 1st to test out if the spread increases, they are only interested in getting the money rolling again not your son or daughter in a ryde school around 8+ different house holds….so you cant see your family in there household from 2 metres but on June the 1st there will be hundreds of children in school with 8+ different households…..I get theres a safety plan in schools but some people really… Read more »

Hazel Teale

How many people are in hospital with the virus


Around half the amount that ‘went in’ with it sadly.


It’s called the 50/50 ward


Well I would like some more information about the cases that are in hospital (not personal information). Seeing we had to all take our children out of school when there was probably 0/1 case on the island, now saying they can go back to school when the number of cases are nearly on the 200 mark, I find it ridiculous, why not just wait for the new year to begin and see where we stand then. Of course I would love my children to go back as it’s very hard work trying to sort other things out in the day,… Read more »

I believe

Judging by the number of spelling errors in the comments, the sooner they open the schools the better.




And the numbers will only keep going up

roger everyone

Accelerating on the island now, its time to stay home and be safe. Don’t listen to Boris, we are weeks behind London…


People have ignored social distancing. We have 3 neighbours today having non residents in the garden. These latest cases were probably down to the last bank holiday.


Ventnor beach absululety packed today


Must be the only one


I’ll say what I mentioned a few days ago. I am a shielded person for underlying health conditon. I have been on lockdown for 9 of the 12 weeks that was suggested by the government. With the government relaxing their stance on the virus and not being as strong in direction has caused a loss of control. However all those people sitting on the beaches, partying, BBQs, are all Guinea pigs for the government to see how quick the second wave spreads…. With the second wave I can see another 12 weeks coming for all shielded people…. Which means not… Read more »

John doe

The guinea pigs are the ones staying indoors buying into all this.

Lee Hills

The infection rate now sits at 137.1 how does that convert to R? would that be R 1.37 ?

If its 1.37 that would make IOW highest in the UK?

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