IanWightlinkLCMOn Saturday 5th May four members of the Wightlink-LCM Systems Cycle Race Team made an early trip away for the third of the Behind the Bike Shed Series at Thruxton race circuit in Wiltshire.

With concerns about the gale force winds prior, the organisers sent riders out to check the circuit was safe to ride in the conditions. After a long wait the organisers gave the go ahead which didn’t give riders long to get kitted up and ready to get on the start line.

Wightlink-LCM Systems Cycle Race Team riders Matt Allsopp, Ian Hayden, Stu Waite and Dave Cooper lined up for 7 laps of the circuit and from the gun the race was fast paced and proved interesting for bike handling.

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The teammates worked well together and got straight onto the front setting the pace higher, which caused other riders to drop off the back. The Wightlink-LCM Systems riders race plan was paying off, and coming into the 3rd lap an attack was made which Allsopp followed.

HaydenWightlinkLCMHayden (pictured above and right), Waite and Cooper slowed the pace of the main group from the front making the gap bigger for Allsopp and the other 3 riders with him. After a lap It went down to 2 riders who worked well together and made some distance on the main group, passing elites from the race in front.

They held the pace high through to the finish with Matt battling it to the line just missing out on 1st place but gaining points towards his 2nd category licence. Hayden, Waite and Cooper stayed on the front of the main group finishing safely in a fast paced bunch sprint.

Meanwhile on Saturday 9th May, five members of the Wightlink-LCM Systems Cycle Race Team travelled to Hillingdon for the 2nd round of the Big Events Series.

Matt Allsopp, Sam baker, Ian Hayden and Stu Waite competed in the 3rd cat race which consisted of 1hr plus 3 laps. The race started off at a steady pace with a few attacks, including some rides off the front by team members Waite and Baker.

Once one of these attacks was reeled in, Hayden and Allsopp made the counter attack taking two others with them. They had to put a lot of hard work in to shake off the main group with the help of Baker and Waite controlling the peloton.

With 45 minutes to go the 4 worked well together increasing the gap with every lap, coming into the last few laps Hayden went to the front setting a fast pace for a lead out which ended up with Allsopp and a rival rider – who’d won the week before – competing in a sprint.

Allsopp just missed out on a win for the 2nd time in a week, and Hayden came in 3rd giving them both more points towards their 2nd category licences. Baker and Waite finished in the top 20 safely in the bunch-sprint shortly after.

In the final race of the day, Wightlink-LCM Systems Cycle Race Team rider Dave Copper lined up with the rest of the 4th category racers.

Once the pace had settled, the inevitable breakaway attempts were made, but none got away. Cooper’s own attemptsat going clear were scuppered by a determined main peloton.

With a strong gusty wind against the riders on part of the circuit a solo break wasn’t an option. With three laps to go the field remained together and the pace lifted until the bell for the last lap.

Cooper pushed on despite being boxed in but just missed out on the points when he finished in 12th place.

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