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4 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on the Isle of Wight in the past 24 hours, the latest data from Public Health England reveals.

The total number of COVID-19 cases identified locally now sits at 185 as of today (Friday). This is an increase of 4 from 181 cases on Thursday. The infection rate is 130.7.

The number of lab-confirmed cases remains fairly low in comparison to other areas, even after the launch of a testing facility at Medina Leisure Centre car park and home swabbing through the NHSX app. The difference to these daily statistics now compared to at the start of the pandemic is that everywhere can now be tested, no matter how severe the symptoms. Previously, only those hospitalised were being tested.

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NHS England report that there have now been 35 coronavirus deaths in hospital, with the Office for National Statistics confirming a further 22 people have died in the community. This brings the total Isle of Wight death toll to 57, as of today.

35 hospital recoveries have been recorded, but it is unknown how many people within the community have recovered from COVID-19 after testing positive.

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Charlie English

Sorry what is the infection rate on your article?

Does that mean 130% ie. R VALUE 1.3


1 in 130 people on the island get it

Grumpy old git

130 per 100,000 presumably, or as my science teacher used to say if you quote figures without giving the parameters you had just as well put peanuts as it means the same


Death Rate among confirmed cases is still hovering around a rather worrying 30%

Grumpy old git

Why was this comment voted down, when the correspondent was purely stating a fact that they found worrying?


not really JHVF – it just means that only the most serious cases on the island are being admitted and with the second highest percentage of old people on the island in the country, against the overall population you would expect this percentage to be higher. it is foolish to look at the death rate versus confirmed cases only, when you should be taking into consideration the whole population of the island. Reason – the entire planet has reported cases of this virus, so it should be taken as a given, that a teeny weeny little chunk of land 56… Read more »


You don’t know that because you don’t know how many actual cases there are. The fact is there are 185 confirmed cases and 57 resulting deaths, anything else is guesswork. One could say that if you are unlucky enough to become a confirmed case you have a 60% chance of surviving, if that sounds better.


Exactly. I’d love to believe the mortality rate is lower, but presently it would be just that, a belief. Current mortality rate on IOW is indeed around 30% according to the only accurate figures we possess. Those promoting other ideas should note the truly wild variation in computer modelling, which are staggeringly different depending on the assumptions which are made due to lack of mass testing. The other factor being overlooked when promoting the wishful idea that most of the population have already had the virus is that we have been under lockdown for some considerable time – not conditions… Read more »



mr justice

anon trying to educate these people is insane! For weeks I’ve given them facts not lies or conspiracies, but still they trust a government that has lied to them over and over! Is this really worth it it? You have done the same researched and found the truth, tried to tell people and they hate you for it! I’m tired of this now, and as much like you I want people to see the truth, it’s now down to them. Tc anon.


definitely mr justice – cannot educate mud

John Smith

Must try harder !


Anon dont know who taught you maths, but if 57 out of 181 have died the death rate is 30.8%, and your quoted 0.0214% of 140000 population is assuming all 14000 have had it and even then the maths is 29.96 dead the real figure is twice that. If every one of the 124 positive cases that haven’t died survive, and I hope they do, then survival rate is 69.2%. This is the highest death rate of anywhere in the world, Italy, France and Spain are all in the low teens,as a whole the uk is 6%, China is 5.5%.… Read more »


nice try steve – you have been brainwashed by the media. you cannot exclude the entire islands population in the calculation.. some have had it, but never needed support or intervention some have had it but never knew others will likely have a natural immunity to it – this phenomena is evident in many diseases that affects some but not others. some just won’t get it anyhow. Only 181 people, who have had a test have tested positive – and as such is a miniscule sample of those exposed. The entire population has been exposed by virtue of a.. living… Read more »


I expect cases to rise very quickly in the next 2 weeks, mainly due to people still visiting the island despite the advice to stay away.


I agree the numbers will probably jump up in next few weeks. I don’t think it would be fair to point the finger at visitors though. The fact that many people on the island are not sticking to social distancing will play a part. Many Teenagers meeting friends in groups. I’m sure many adults are too.



John Doe

Air b and b renting out holiday accommodation. Holiday flats being blatantly rented out to selfish holiday makers despite lockdown rules and pleas from council leaders.Why on earth are the ferry ports not being policed?


Air BnB are not taking bookings, all bookings have been cancelled or blocked up to 31st May and are likely to be going forward until July. As a holiday flat owner I have lost hundreds in revenue with zero financial support, but maintain that the this is the correct reaction to the pandemic, and Air BnB have behaved responsibly throughout


Mark, Maybe people are just fed up with this government’s attitude of “don’t do as I do, do as I say”…latest news, Boris Johnson has backed his top aide Dominic Cummings after it emerged he travelled 260 miles from London to Durham during lockdown. he is also suffering from the virus apparently! Or Cabinet Minister Robert Jenrick ‘breaks lockdown rules twice’ by going to ‘second home’
Their not exactly leading from the front are they!


It will keep rising as there are too many people thinking the new motto “stay alert” means lockdown over do your own thing groups of 10 plus having beach BBQ as an example


I went shopping this afternoon, a male in a home made mask walked right up beside me, lent across and picked an item off the shelf, no excuse me or anything. That takes the biscuit if you don’t mind the awful pun. There are people on this island that seem to believe, provided they wear a mask or gloves, they are safe from catching the virus. Wonders if their phone has the app. It took 4 downloads and a week to get it working on my phone. I know it wont protect me from catching the virus, but this lack… Read more »

mr justice

Have you serious health problems? If no then why hell are you worried.? This is insane ,people healthy worried about a virus that is like the flu. It will not kill you wake the f up!

mr justice

I apologise for my last post, frustration got the better of me.

Richard Kenward

Perhaps you should stop and think before making such a nasty and factually incorrect earlier statement in such a public way! An apology in no way puts it right!


kenward – justice is right though – to many panicky simps around.


Tobias – People are not panicky, you need to take this more seriously or you’ll get it next

mr justice

Rude yes, factually incorrect? Do some research sir, then come back and have a debate!


probably worried about catching it and then being responsible for transmitting it to his aging grandad!


It is not like the Flu it is killing people, (3 times as many as the worst flu epidemic), of all ages from young babies to the elderly, and not every one dying has underlying heath problems. Yes it increases the chance of serious problems from the virus if you have underlying health problems, but like wise not having them does not mean you are SAFE. Stay safe, wash your hands, socially distance, respect peoples space, and good manners (excuse me could I get a packet of biscuits?) a few simple words leaves people feeling safer. My experience is the… Read more »

Stay at home

I agree, Steve. But sadly, good manners seem to be a thing of the past now for many, depending on which area you live in I guess, certainly there are a lot of ill mannered people congregated more in some areas, and those of us who try to be well mannered, suffer as a result. Even if they are only a minority, they are so noticeable by their behaviour they seem to be everywhere.

Mr justice

So where are your statistics! Facts not fantasy! Have you done any research? If you had then you would know,on the government website ,for us all to read,that the government down graded the virus. You probably didnt know that,like a lot of people, just say things with no back up with no facts. Scaring people.


Mr Justice – people are dying, the virus is still spreading. I just did the common sense stats for you. Your welcome

mr justice

Yes Ethan well done, but I’m afraid common sense is something you don’t have. Maybe repeating what you’re told by the brain washing media and liars( government) is what you are doing. You don’t understand at all what is going to happen, in the name of safety. It is a strange thing fear, people will do and believe anything as long as they think they will be saved. Sad.


steve – flu kills people as well or have you forgotten that.

mr justice

Look at the total deaths this time last year for the same period. The flu kills just as many. Tobias you are correct


Hi Steve, i agree, good manners cost nothing, nor does being polite and respectful. Thankfully i have not lost a family member of a friend, but i feel deep sorrow for all those that have, and not just on this Island. I wish it was all over, but i dread the day when the awful figures start to rise again.

A. Resident

185 cases on the island out of a population of 140.000 that’s 0.13% of the population which is actually quite low. I totally agree the ferry companies should be doing more to stop people coming over. but unfortunately they don’t have the power to question the reason for travel but a 5 year old could work it out if someone turns up at the ferry towing a caravan or in a camper van its pretty obvious they intend to come over on Holiday Sadly there is only one thing on the ferry companies mind & that’s PROFIT they appear not… Read more »


“185 cases on the island out of a population of 140.000 that’s 0.13% of the population” Yes, we had a lockdown, perhaps you failed to notice?


That means the lock down is working!!
But as others have said, seems everyone thinks its over now. Good luck everyone, we need it………………………..


you will have noticed a resident. that the ferries have been given a lifeline by the government to keep running the reduced services that they are – without that lifeline cash – they would have furloughed all their staff and shut up shop, as they would have run out of cash and had nothing to buy fuel with or pay wages. Then how would you get your food?, how would key workers travel to their jobs, how would you get that amazon order? the ferries aren’t making any profits at all – they are on government life support -you should… Read more »

mr justice

So once again, the liars(government) break their own rules, senior aide to Boris, Mr Cummings drives 250 miles without good reason, and then has the cheek to say, I don’t care what it looks like,and it’s not about what you think! And these are the type of people you trust?


yep and the sheeple believe every word they say.

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