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37 people have now died from COVID-19 whilst in hospital on the Isle of Wight, according to the latest figures released today (Tuesday).

NHS England have confirmed that the latest coronavirus fatality at St Mary’s Hospital occurred on 23rd May. Since the start of May the total number of coronavirus-related deaths at St Mary’s has increased by 8 from 29 to 37.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 26 people have died outside of the hospital environment, bringing the Island’s total death toll to 63. 35 hospital recoveries have been recorded, but it is unknown how many people within the community have recovered from COVID-19 after testing positive.

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As of 25th May, 196 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been recorded on the Isle of Wight.

Nationally, the coronavirus crisis is being brought under control with a steady decline in the number of deaths and new cases.

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Here we go. As predicted the rate will now increase for the next 2 weeks at least. Thank you day trippers and 2nd home owners. Nationally it may be going down, but not here.


Are you for real mate people are waking up to the fear and lies but there are some who are still lapping it up like you dont beleive this fake news get out and soak up the sun if you lock your self up and stay away from every one and wear a mask all day your making your immune system week for the next winter flu COVID 20 COMING SOON


give it up mark – get out in the sunshine and get some vit d.

flu is down also – people die of flu each year and flu will be back up again next winter and the vaccine is not guaranteed to work

are you going to hide indoors until you die of something.


Bob and anon let’s hope you don’t get it and end up being really poorly might have to eat your words then


Stop comparing it with flu Anon. We loose around 10,000 people to flu each year over a 5 month period. And this is with no infection control. Even with lock down in two months we have lost over 37,000 people. This virus attacks the lungs, there are 10’s of thousands of people who will now suffer long term affects of the damage done to them. Unlike flu, getting this bad will affect you for the rest of your life.


Anon,comments like that really are unhelpful and no way an accurate comparison in any way. This attitude is what has helped this virus because some people have not take it seriosly enough and taken risks. We have been in the midst of a pandemic, much more of a problem than a seasonal flu epidemic. I hope this sort of attitude keeps you safe.


freshwater – the vast majority of the planets population will be just fine – there is no need for the spoon fed, mainstream media panic rhetoric.

I have been working continuously throughout this farce without a break, whilst others hide away indoors. If you feel you are weak and vulnerable then stay in – everyone else should be at work/in the shops/bars and enjoying themselves – this whole lockdown rubbish is uneccessary for the significant majority.


no richard – this virus has been circulating for over 5 months – significant numbers of people I know were all suffering flu like symptoms here on the island in Jan/Feb, including me and it was not like any flu or seasonal illness I have ever had.

saying it will affect you for the rest of your life – is not a proven fact – as no long term studies into it exist.


Anon, the numbers I quoted were official numbers. There have been in fact 60,000 more deaths this year than normal. This increase of deaths starts in January. It may not affect you that bad but keeping your distance from others is to protect others, not you. Anyone who thinks lock down is unnecessary are displaying a complete lack on consideration of others. “saying it will affect you for the rest of your life – is not a proven fact ” It is. It is a known problem with being on a ventilator. Covid 19 can also cause pneumonia. This leaves… Read more »


just because numbers were official – doesn’t make them correct richard – surely you are not so gullible that you believe every bit of spiel trolled out by someone saying “you must believe this because I am an official and this makes these figures official – do not question my authority” One person I know of told me that he contacted the NHS to state that his partner was displaying flu like symptoms and they immediately recorded it as covid but not tested and told them to isolate – this record of a reported case was added to the figures… Read more »


Unfortunately the death rate will continue for at least two years, but if we don’t do something about the economy our country will go bust.

There will be no funding for the NHS, Benefits, or anything else that we take for granted, I think we need to put things into perspective and realise death comes from many other health conditions, and the numbers are far greater than CV19.

Other countries are moving forward, so we must do likewise, we have to adapt to COVID-19 and use our common sense when we are out and about.


As a second home owner, I am staying away from the Island, but when I come back one day maybe you`d like to tell me to my face to “b . . . off”!


don’t get clever annette – otherwise your empty second home might get robbed, trashed or squatted in as soon as some of the undesirables on this island find out you are not living there.

the council may even impose an expensive second home levy – as every home that is not occupied all year round is a negative to the islands economy


Anon, you sound like a very jealous person, all visiting people to the Island contribute to the Island economy.

Are you living on benefits? And are you one of the Island undesirebles that you mentioned?…


no clare – I am reminding annette that saying – say b.. off to my face.. is her attempting to act like some sort of big shot, who will risk having that house of hers gone into without her around. a person living in a house all year round contributes to the economy considerably -a second home owner shows up a couple of weeks a year and as such the overall contribution to the economy from that house is significantly less because it is empty most of the time. e.g if one person lives in that house and spends £40… Read more »


Anon, should visitors that own a mobile home stop purchasing holiday accommodation as well? And remember these mobile home parks employ lots of staff.
I just think if anyone that’s fortunate enough to have a second home should not be ostrisized, there just living there lives in the best way they can.

Good luck to them I say.


holiday accommodation is rented out and then re-rented out and it is designed specifically for this purpose – it is not sat idle for 50 weeks of the year.

try again clare.

mr justice

Karen, oh I mean Clare, you really don’t understand anon do you? ( sarcasm?)In fact, by your posts I don’t see any of your own thought at all, just repeating the b.s that you are spoon fed. Like Richard and many others on here, listening to the MSM for your information, please ! For the people that want to live like scared rabbits, that’s fine, but don’t expect me or others to tip toe around you. If your that scared of living a normal life, then stay in.


Come down bring your family live life to the max u own it go stay in it if u live in seview u can do as u like


I have been outside a lot, and yes the sun is nice outside, and I have been out in it. No, I won’t give it up. And yes I am real……

Christopher Davis

Clearly some people do not have a grasp of the situation as is clear from comments on here and from a comment made by some one outside of a shop I was waiting to go into today who said it’s OK you can go in it’s all over now. How we wish this was true but it is not people continue to become infected and die from Covid 19. We need to continue to social distance and be sensible. Yes thankfully our hospital is at the moment in good shape but that can change very quickly, ask the people in… Read more »


Well said . Doesn’t help with all those crowded beaches yesterday. No chance of social distancing there and like the hospital you mention we have just the one here too which could easily be overwhelmed.


I agree Christopher, common sense will always win out over the idiots.


The people going out have the comon sense to see the lies when the truth comes out the ones who listened to the bbc and main stream news and locked them selfs away frome every think will feel like the idiots

Martin W

As few in numbers have apparently caught this here yet, then too early to say who are the fools. Only when this is over will we know if actions have been over the top by either view point stance.

Better to look a fool, than be wheezing for breath with heart and lung permanent damage for life IF you were wrong.

I agree though Governments will ‘use’ CV to their gain in state control. Don’t mean it is not a huge risk though.

Gentleman farmer

only time a tell whoos bin the idiots, if yer lungs an
hert is damedged rest of yer life cos you dunt beleave govermunt
i dunt trust em neviver lots died horrid ends thou



Christopher Davis

Get real Bob it’s you living in a fantasy world covid 19 is real ,among millions of other places it is here on the Island killing people.

Mrs brown

A real virus Christopher… just like the flu… except they make out it’s killing people, you need to wake up. They only test for the common cold symptoms and then if died they say died of Covid-19. Except real doctors have come out and said this but get silenced! You numpty! Conclusion is you need to wake up!

Zack Zuck

Fake virus, fake news


There are many things killing people round the world lets lock our selfs up and give up all our rights wake up people

mr justice

Wow! To the echo, I thought you were unbiased, let people express their views, how wrong was I ! Shame on you!


mr justice…

The asleep sheep will be vaccinated, chipped and euthanised.

Mr justice

With a heavy heart I have to agreed. What I find hard to understand is, how easy they have given up the life they had,for a controlled life, that will restrict any form of freedom and free speech. Why would you do that? That’s like taking a wild rabbit and putting him in a hutch and saying,that’s better for him/her at least the fox wont get him. Just ridiculous.


which feeds nicely into the mantra that zoos are saving wildlife by keeping it locked up in an enclosure AKA a prison.


It would be interesting ( at least to me ) to know how many people have been tested here not just patients or those with symptoms but key workers care workers nhs staff etc. That we we can work out for ourselves the stats a little better.


jonesy – they only test those with symptoms , as it makes the positive figures look so much worse.. if everyone was tested, then the overall rates of infection would be so low, the ridiculous lockdowns would be vilified and shown to be unnecessary and done simply to control the mugs that believe every word they are fed.


You are correct in saying that only those with symptoms were tested BUT in recent weeks key workers have been tested whether symptomatic or not. I personally know care workers who have been tested who have never had symptoms I have a relative in a care home and I have spokebn to staff members there A close neighbour is also a care worker in a homein Sandown and all the staff have been or are being tested whether they are symtomatic or not. If they are symtomatic they dont go to work. If they test positive even if symptom free… Read more »


Mr Anon I attempted to reply to you but for some reason post not printed . I will try again with less detail. Key workers eg care home staff have been tested recently whether symtomatic or not .

mr justice

So Finland has opened up its school’s early this month, and no evidence that the infection rate has risen. Well well, who would have thought that eh!? See the truth is spilling out everywhere. Let’s hope the sheep wake before it’s to late!

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