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Another 4 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed on the Isle of Wight, Public Health England has confirmed.

The total number of COVID-19 cases identified locally now sits at 189 as of today (Saturday). This is an increase of 4 from 185 cases on Friday. The infection rate is 133.5.

NHS England report that there have now been 36 coronavirus deaths in hospital, with the Office for National Statistics confirming a further 22 people have died in the community. This brings the total Isle of Wight death toll to 58, as of today.

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35 hospital recoveries have been recorded, but it is unknown how many people within the community have recovered from COVID-19 after testing positive.

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Well…the Bank Holiday is now upon us…..and we do not know how many have already been in contact or unwittingly been placed in jeopardy by those already identified as being infected. It’ll be interesting to see what the numbers are here in around another three to four weeks….all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope we are spared anything too drastic as we have providently been so far. All those people are not merely numbers so let us hope they soon are well again and not in too much of a risky stage of illness…..and warmest thoughts… Read more »


would you like to be wrapped in cotton wool also.


Maybe you should tell the people who have lost loved ones to “wrap themselves in cotton wool” you idiot.


thousands die of flu each year – perhaps you can explain why society cares less about them, then mark


see Ryde sea front is teeming with people this lunchtime – all heading towards apply beach – loads of kids, buggies, spades etc, with adults carrying beers and drinking on the way.

getting back to normal

Mr justice

anon hes a blind fool,doent even think about the flu and other diseases that shows blind these people are, no real understanding of it all.only what they are spoon fed.

Doctor Ramesh

Mr justice, if you don’t believe the government You are very closed minded, behave man and stop being silly!

mr justice

You sir are no doctor.

Joy Verrinder

If the government don’t believe the government what chance does anyone have!

Doctor Rashem

Covid 19 is a very serious problem don’t speak bad about it mr justice!


correct mr justice – they are all looking at this through a very narrow viewpoint,instead of looking at the wider picture. idiots that are exactly what the government want – blindly and slavishly following the spoon fed mantra.


Grow up you childish selfish retard!!!!!

Mr justice

Yes Mary,sometimes it’s hard to accept the truth,and people get angry dont they!


Because this is not flu, you can get a vaccine against flu, you can’t for this. Are you really that dumb?

Mr justice

Yes for once mark you make sense because you can get a flu shot. But guess what? Only for people that are at risk. That means the rest of us ,get the flu,recover and carry on,we build up our immune system. So ,who are the people most at risk with covid19? Yes that’s right,the same people who are at risk with the flu! And don’t forget the flu kills people too.just in case you forgot.just because you have a flu shot doesn’t mean you will never get the flu. So isolate the people at risk let everybody else get it… Read more »


Anyone can pay for a flu jab though, you don’t have to get the one that is free for the at risk groups, and the way I understand it, it means if you still did get it, you wouldn’t get it so bad, as long as you had the vaccination long enough before you caught the flu. Also, they have developed a vaccine especially for the over sixties as it is supposed to be better, boosts their immune system or something, I haven’t had it but do get the usual flu jab each year. There is no immunity for Covid… Read more »


Because we can help not spread this awful virus….no wonder you post anon!!!!

mr justice

Anon, you just don’t understand do you? Naive is the word that best describes the people that continue to believe all about this so called terrible virus, when evidence clearly shows different. But the MSM and government ( liars) continue lying, and not following the rules they set for us all( except them) yet ,they are still trustworthy.?

Larry Cook

Well Wednesday 16 …..”the Bank Holiday is now upon us” is incorrect the bank holiday is tomorrow – its such ignorance that causes so many problems when people think they can take time off!
We are going to have to get on with our lives (or deaths) sometime or let the country go bankrupt (Like Labour did)

Safe as houses.

I’m not surprised..Neighbour’s think it’s great to party with over 15 people all not from the same house hold in there garden. NO SOCIAL DISTANCING THERE.AND POLICE WERE NOT INTERESTED. DEATH AND TAXES


Is this the knobs from Garfield house??

party on

they are enjoying themselves and have the right to do so- if you are so worried then stay indoors. We are getting back to normal and if you and the government don’t like it, then tough.


Somebody pls explain”infection rate” 133.5″


133.5 per 100,000 population. Approx 140,000 pop. so 1.4 x 133.5 ~ = total infections.(186.9)


Give or take a banana


189 does that include the recovered & deceased?or is it 189 People who have the virus live right now?


189 is the cumulative total of people that have been reported as having been, or currently have covid.


Throughout this pandemic, all the figures,- totals, trends, peaks & troughs etc. have been presented using questionable techniques, incomplete data, and copious jargon. This I guess is to confuse us Joe Public’s into underestimating the dilemma thus minimising fear and panic by which all governments are obsessed. Also anyone noticed almost all advice and demands have been aimed to protect healthy Working people, and hardly any to protect vulnerable and elderly. Could this be because the latter would cost money in the expected economic crisis, whereas the former will be worth their weight. Hope I,m wrong and truth is ruling… Read more »


keith – nature is designed to favour the stronger – that is how the world survives and grows. If you only look after the weak and vulnerable, then the strong and able begin to wither and die also, leaving no one to look after the weak and vulnerable, who then die as well.

the primary aim of society is its continuity and sustainability – that means making sure the strong and able are ok first – without them, you have no society.


Or is it 96 people have the virus?189 victims of the virus minus 35 recovered and 58 deaths leaves 96 people left infected with the virus.Not 189!!!!!


To those people who think ‘we are getting over it’ need to read the daily statistics worldwide and the billions it is costing to support our fragile existence until full normality eventually returns. The only winner here is the environment. This fantastic island has so far escaped the infection and death rate of the mainland so let’s not lose sight of that and keep ourselves as safe as possible.


we are getting over it Ian and getting back to normality sooner rather than later.

Doctor Rashem

Not getting back to normal yet anon! Probably a long time till schools, jobs and certain shops are open.


Judging by the amount of large groups who were walking on Ventnor Downs this morning, the message has most definitely been forgotten, ignored or just plain never got through in the first place! We counted 5 groups of 6 or more adults and children in just a small area of the Downs and judging by the amount of new faces and dogs wandering about I suspect many of them were visitors. That they all seemed to expect us to move out of their way leads me to think that they left their manners over the water as well! I understand… Read more »


That they all seemed to expect us to move out of their way leads me to think that they left their manners over the water as well!
Perhaps they think the same as you as you obviously expected them to move out of your way with no questions


Not at all… I expect nothing from anyone these days. However if I cannot get off the path, due to my mobility issues, then it might be nice if we could negotiate the passing rather then just brushing past! It ‘used’ to be called manners, but with some things I see and hear these days I think that manners will probably die along with this older generation. In my case, I am more than happy to move aside on any occasion and for any reason, it is just this ‘assumption’ from certain folk that they must always take priority that… Read more »

Stay at home

Davimel, I hear you. I find the same amount of ignorance here in Ryde, but from people who live here in my case, not always visitors, though certainly seen some of them too. And the attitudes of these lowlife, so arrogant and entitled, many of them know they are secure from all the benefits they are on. It seems good manners are truly a thing of the past. The saying Proud to be British, has become Proud to be Yobbish instead. It sometimes makes you think you can see why an otherwise decent, well mannered, quiet person, suddenly gets to… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Very well said Stay At Home. People say the world has changed. Infact, it’s not the world it’s the vile excuse for human beings that walk this earth now. Some, not all I hasten to add.


Is history going repeat itself .look into the 1918 Spanish flu second wave,We could all be in for a Tsunami of covid-19

Stay at home

The 2nd wave of that apparently killed loads of young people too, I wonder if that happens will some still be so cavalier in their attitudes to those of us who are trying to be cautious to protect ourselves and those around us?


stay at home – did you actually read about the 1918 pandemic – it practically only attacked young people in the first instance.


History all ways seems too have a way of repeating itself


11 cars all parked up outside the on site holiday caravans at Lower Hyde in Shanklin. None of them with Island plates. People we inside those caravans, more than 2 as well. I guess they own them, or do they? Come on council and police at least check them out.


spoke to a friend in southsea today -the seafront and beaches were packed, as was southsea common. Almost like a summers day. if it wasn’t for the fact that Hovertravel is only running a service every two hours for key workers at the weekend, instead of every half hour, then there would have been hordes pouring into Ryde all day. My friend said that because they only had one Hovercraft at 1030 then 1230, it was too late and too expensive for day trippers to travel over. He went past their southsea terminal and saw staff just chatting with no… Read more »

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