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A 17-year-old boy has been arrested and charged after being caught carrying a knife outside a primary school in Newport on Monday.

Police were called to Atkinson Drive near to Summerfield Primary School at 14:23 on 14th October. Here officers arrested a 17-year-old – who can’t be named for legal reasons – and found him to be in possession of a kitchen knife.

Parents on the school run have told Island Echo that the youth ran past the entrance to the school grounds.

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Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that the teen has since been charged with possession of a knife in a public place and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place (a crowbar).

The youth was remanded in custody overnight to appear at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Tuesday 15th October).

UPDATE – The 17-year-old has been given conditional bail and will appear before the Magistrates Court again on 6th November.

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Heather Holloway

Why don’t they keep him locked up for a few days without privileges, i.e. no phone. Might give him a taste of what a custodial sentence might be like


Few days??????


Exactly, might be like, more like highly unlikeley!!!!

Tim C

He should be tried as an adult given the nature of the crime. Probably thinks he’s all big and grown up.


He can’t be named for legal reasons, yet he can carry a knife. This country is so backward. Lock him up!!


Too lenient in my opinion. Also, cannot be named for legal reason, this is madness. Name and shame him.

eric smith

cut his hands off!

Az-zahra Aziz

I guess they see the ‘local boys’ in London doing such, and getting away with it, and now, as there is equal rights for all, think quite rightly, that they too, will have a light tap on the wrist, and up their esteem with their mates, with even thicker girls seeing them as a wonderful ‘father’ as it produces more clones, to ensure the demise of normal life carries on to the next generation.

Ryan Jones

First of all, four police cars for one 17 year old??? Really??? Secondly, I was in the infantry at 16 and was sent to war at 17 in northern ireland and was on the streets by 18, and you cant name him hahaha

Soldier S

Although you can not be sent to war at 17!!! It is the law to wait until 18 yr old. Also, N. Ireland was not actually a war. For it to be a war, it has to have written notice to Geneva (I think) for it to be declared as such. N. Ireland was not.


I hope he can see what he has done and hopefully will change in the future and his mates may think twice


Dreamer in fantasy land.


So a 17yr old boy can go home on bail after walking around a school with a knife. A clear threat to anyone around him, yet another 17yr old boy leaps a child over the balcony at the Tate Modern and he’s found arrested and in custody awaiting trial. Why is it ok for grown young men to do whatever they want. Angry, aggressive, threatening men need to be locked up. Because I don’t see grown men putting these young lads in theirs place in this world. Thank you to all the men who actually get involved and teach young… Read more »

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