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1 person has died and 19 people have been injured following a crash involving a double decker bus and 2 cars on Forest Road near Newport.

The serious crash, which occurred shortly before 13:00, has resulted in a major incident being declared by the emergency services.

3 air ambulances are on the scene alongside 5 fire appliances, a rescue tender and a continuous supply of ambulances, as well as senior officers from Police, fire and ambulance services.

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It is understood a Mini, a Fiat Bravo and a Southern Vectis bus have been involved.

Forest Road is expected to remain closed until 18:00 but may remain closed for longer.

VIDEO: Insp Rob Abel provides an update on the incident with IWFRS’ Justin Harden…

UPDATE @ 16:33 – The Isle of Wight NHS Trust have confirmed that 4 people have been airlifted to mainland hospitals including Southampton and Brighton.

A spokesperson has said in a statement:

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“A major Incident was declared at 13.51 today (Sunday 14th April) after a serious road traffic incident took place on Forest Road, Newport involving two cars and a Bus.

“The IOW NHS Trust can confirm that four people have been airlifted to mainland hospitals and currently fifteen patients have been brought into St Mary’s Hospital.

“We are requesting that people do not attend the Accident and Emergency Department unless absolutely necessary. Please ring NHS 111 services for advice and guidance if you have an urgent medical health concern but it’s not life threatening”.

UPDATE @ 17:33 – It has been confirmed that a woman in her 60s, who was travelling in a red Fiat Bravo, has died. 3 other people in the same car are in a serious condition.

The driver of the bus, a man in his 50s, has sustained a serious injury.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has said:

“We are investigating a serious road traffic collision on Forest Road in Newport, Isle of Wight, that has resulted in the death of a woman in her 60s.

“The incident occurred at the junction with Betty Haunt Lane, Newport, at 12.46pm today and involved a bus and two cars.

“Ten passengers who were travelling on the bus have also been taken to hospital as a precaution.

“Four people travelling in a silver Mini Cooper, were also taken to hospital as a precaution.

“If anyone witnessed the collision and hasn’t already spoken to police, please call 101 and quote reference 375 of April 14.

“If you saw any of the vehicles prior to the collision or have dash cam footage of the vehicles or the incident, please get in touch”.

UPDATE @ 18:19 – The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has issued an update to their statement.

“To confirm that Major Incident Status was stood down at 16.52pm today but the IOW NHS Trust remains in Critical Incident status to ensure that all patients are appropriately cared for.

“The IOW Ambulance service deployed five Ambulances and one Patient Transport Service to the scene. Four air Ambulances from different regions was also deployed.

“A family room has been set up at St Mary’s Hospital to assist the family and friends of those involved in the Road Traffic Incident.

“The IOW NHS Trust would like to thank all staff members who came in to help while off duty, it’s been overwhelming to see our community pull together in difficult times”.

Southern Vectis have also issued a statement in response to this afternoon’s tragic incident.

Richard Tyldsley, Southern Vectis’ general manager, has said:

“There was a serious collision at 12.45pm today on Forest Road, Newport-bound. Early indications suggest a car pulled out in front of a route 7 bus and our driver was unable to avoid it. The bus was forced into the path of another car.

“At this stage the full circumstances of the incident are unclear but sadly I understand one of the cars’ occupants has died.

“This is very distressing for all concerned and I would like to pass our sincere condolences to their family and friends.

“The extent of any further injuries is currently unclear. We know several people have been taken to hospital and our driver had to be cut from his cab. He also sustained injuries. We are monitoring the situation of all those involved very closely.

“We are assisting the Police as they carry out their enquiries, and are also conducting our own investigation”.

UPDATE MONDAY @ 00:10 – Forest Road has now reopened to traffic in both directions.

All of the vehicles involved in the incident have been recovered from the scene following a reconstruction of the crash.

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Awful .thoughts with everyone involved and their families.


Hopefully all those injured will pull through, and thoughts to everyone involved.

Hopefully the CCTV from the bus shows what happened ( if fitted)

AK. Harris

They usually do have very good CCTV so hopefully the whole incident is recorded.

Aaron Knight

All of Southern Vectis’s Buses are equipped with CCTV

AK. Harris

I was devastated to read the news and my thoughts are with everyone from here afar and I am hoping that no one I knew was involved. That junction is lethal, I had a few near misses up there with people trying to cross in front of cars as I went to and From Whitehouse Road, I think the speed limit should be lowered there as you do almost have a blind bend there and it is too fast, like on the middle road junctions that are an accident blackspot. Holding you in my heart as always Isle of Wight,… Read more »

Richard Collins

Yes that junction is not a good one. As a motorcyclist I always slow right down there as it’s hard for cars coming out too keep watch of both directions. Maybe one of the roads should be closed? Not sure, I think someone who knows about road traffic control can design something better.

AK. Harris

A lower speed limit or even traffic lights would be a start, with the high speed, traffic from the Shalfleet direction can’t be seen until it almost reaches the junction.


I agree that this is a difficult junction to pull out of (I use it quite often) especially when the sun is low in the west, and that the junctioncould probably be improved with regard to visibility, but speed limits aren’t the blanket answer to everything!
In this case, I doubt very much that speed (of the bus) or a setting sun (1pm) were factors.

Anne Herdman

Sincere thoughts and prayers for everybody and their families x

Clare Steen

I don’t want to assume blame without knowing the facts however, yet again another family suffering the loss of a loved one here on our Island. I’m so sorry for all involved and my prayers are with them all.
I believe the roads on our Island need lots and lots of respect, so please do just that, and realise where you live, it’s not a giant motorway..

AK. Harris

Considering the amount of accidents, I think a lower speed limit on the approach to certain junctions would be a good idea.

Kevin West

I actually pulled out onto forest road to go straight across to the middle road nothing was approaching from the right so I inched out looked to my left and was totally blinded by the sun and was hit by a driving instructer in the front wing of my van. Definitely needs lights there.

Sandy and Martyn

Holding you in our thoughts dear Isle of Wight people.
We’ve always felt very at home when we’ve visited the island.


The signage on Whitehouse Road should be looked at as a matter of urgency. The small give way warning sign (with no distance to the Junction), next to the SLOW painted in the road and the small Give Way sign just before the junction are totally inadequate for a 60 MPH Crossroads Junction. It is unbelievable that there is NO Triangular sign warning of a Crossroads ahead. Personally at this type of junction I would prefer to see STOP signs and lines for the traffic on the minor road, rather than Give Way signs and lines, especially in an area… Read more »

AK. Harris

I have been thinking this for years. I hope that something will be done, it shouldn’t take a bad accident to force change.

Clare Steen

Lots and lots of common sense is what’s needed, we all need to respect our Island roads.
Unfortunately, because some drivers have little or no respect we will end up with more street furniture.


First person to make a valid point. Respect the road, too many people take risks and overtake when unsafe to do so. Putting lives at risk, I’m not saying this is the case in this tragedy, but you can have all the signs in the world but accidents will occur if you don’t drive to the risks around you. It’s not the time for blame it’s about supporting those who have suffered injury or loss to this accident and our gratitude to the amergency services who do an incredible job.


Either that or traffic lights

Terry Moore

Thoughts to all involved, simple answer make Betty Haunt Lane One Way,only , drive in from Forest Road exit at Middle Road


Whitehouse road would still be such a risk though.


The other thing that would make traffic slow down at the juntion is a Mini-Roundabout.

Nikki Hazelgrove

Love and thoughts go to all those involved in this very sad incident. My thoughts are very much with those injured/involved in anyway also all their families and friends


I was on the bus


It was scary

AK. Harris

Are you OK? It must have been a terrible shock.


My thoughts go out to all those involved, I was sorry to hear that a lady died

R.I.P to the lady that died


A roundabout at that junction would slow everyone down. Drivers would only have to concentrate on looking right.


Trouble is it would be like the mini one at Apse Heath and Cedar Hill – Carisbrooke.


interesting to see that Richard Tyldsley’s previously published description of what happened have now been removed & replaed with “At this stage the full circumstances of the incident are unclear”

James Dale

When we were holidaying on IOW last year the bus driver was driving like a lunatic – we were glad to get off !


You can’t compare another bus driver to what happened here. We’ve been told that a car pulled out into the path of the bus. This would have caused the bus to veer onto the wrong side of the road and into the path of the oncoming car.


Most countries in this world use roundabouts as they keep traffic moving. For some dumb reason the IOW highways put traffic lights everywhere. I just love stopping a red light when there’s clearly nothing coming or waiting the other way. Saying all that, a very sad day for all involved yesterday.

June Darling

Thank you Island Echo for your comprehensive coverage of this tragic accident, with excellent photos plus interview.

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