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A woman who was airlifted to a specialist hospital on the mainland after a dog attack in Sandown on Monday night has revealed that she has lost massive chunks of muscle, skin and nerves from her left arm after being savagely attacked.

As first reported by Island Echo, Armed Police had to shoot a dog dead on Golf Links Road, Sandown at just before 22:30 on Monday after it viciously attacked 2 individuals.

The dog’s owner, a local woman in her 40s, was flown to Odstock in Salisbury for emergency plastic surgery and is due to undergo 2 further surgeries in the coming days. A man in his 20s also sustained serious injuries in the incident and was taken to St Mary’s Hospital.

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It has been revealed that the woman was savagely attacked by her own pet with the animal clamping down on her left arm. She was dragged around on the ground in the pitch black like a rag doll and as a result has been left with serious, life-changing injuries.

It is claimed that the attack began when another dog, which was off the lead, suddenly came out to the darkness as the woman returned from a nearby shop.

Police have previously said that the dog which was killed was a Staffordshire terrier/Mastiff cross, however, the injured woman says it was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross.

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Opinions Matter

Why the hell was a dog roaming loose on its own in the dark at that time of night? Has THIS owner been traced and spoken to? It would be enough to startle anyone or could have wandered into the road and caused an accident.


That doesn’t explain why her own dog savaged her though. The dog’s natural instinct would be to either run away from the other animal or attack it. Instead, it has chosen to attack its owner. It’s a mystery.

So sad

If you go back and read the comments on the last report, things might be a bit clearer. The dog’s owner has commented on there a few times threatening people for telling the truth about her. She also said in the comments her dog had been born that way and she had it when still a puppy, so why wasn’t it muzzled? Makes sense to put a muzzle on a dog you know could be dangerous when you take it out. Also the person who had another dog loose there, if there was one, should be found too.

So sad

ps Just went back and had a look, but some of her comments have been removed, probably because she was ‘naming and shaming’ some woman she knows who she thought had posted about her in the comments. Any dog, having to grow up in a unstable homelife with a owner who shouts and rages a lot, is not going to be that calm in its reactions, and she is even shouting in the comments, written from her hospital bed. Sad situation all round really, I feel bad for the dog, all animals if being kept as pets need to be… Read more »


Is the dog a band breed??

I have always wondered why some dog owners think its OK to allow there dogs to wonder around without a lead?

Too many dog owners think it’s ok why??? It’s common place now, perhaps the law “SHOULD” be changed to stop irisponsible people from risking injury or death.

Sadly, the law will not change….the left won’t alow it….

Gaz BSc.

Iv’e never heard of this cross bred animal, and I would ammagin it was an illegal one. if it banned, what was she doing with it


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a South African hunting dog.


Ridgebacks are not a banned breed.

Paula Templeman

Neither breed are band. It is not a good mix but all the same not on the dangerous dog act

Christina Sammons

There are no illegal cross breeds Ridgebacks are hunting guard dogs from South Africa and Staffordshire bull terriers are very protective. There is much more to this story and I am sure the lady will reveal more when she is able. The shock of the attack and it’s ferocity will never leave her.

So sad

If the dog was being shouted and screamed at when it was already alarmed by the other dog, then that could be one reason why it turned.


** Imagine

Mark Jennings

No, its a B band breed, costs a little bit more than band A


John Lennon turning in his grave.

Mark Jennings

He was the worst Beatle anyway


Which lots get for protection of a drug crime ect and to make them look big?!

Last edited 2 months ago by Hcrookes
Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing

C for effort, young man. Regards, Lady Dunne-Standing.


** Irresponsible

Dave Swan

And etc. NOT ect Grumble!


A staffie and ridgeback breed must have involved ladders or a platform.


How many people are going to say…..ahhhhh the poor dog…. It could of killed a child….put it down

Islander too

I agree Egor the dog is better gone.
I’ve had dogs all my life. I grew up with them. They only know what they are taught by humans.
Ive got a staffie X you couldn’t get a more gentle affectionate dog.
Unfortunately some breeds of dog get a bad name not because of the dog but the people that own them and what they use them for.

Dogs aren’t born dangerous. They are what we make them.

Wendy Cumner

Absolutely agree, my daughter has a long leg Irish Staffie and she’s just gorgeous and they’ve invested a lot of time and effort into training her properly.

Eilidh Somerville

Irish Staffie is a pit bull. There is no such breed ss an Irish Staffordshire Terrier. The so called breed isn’t recognized by a single kennel club. In fact it is a term often used by dog fighters when buying/selling their dogs illegally online. Boxer/Lab mix is another common term they use when buying, selling and importing their illegal pit bull terriers.There is also a good article regarding the subject in The Telegraph.

Eilidh Somerville

There is no such breed as an Irish Staffordshire Terrier as the breed name is used to conceal the identity of a pit bull. Dog fighters often use it when buying or selling their pit bulls online and owners will also use it to disguise the fact they have illegal pit bulls.

Kostas Quiteabit

Egor – what a charmer you are! I’m not sure diplomacy is for you – you should go into politics…

Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing

Wonderful comment, sir. Our brave, overworked, underpaid policemen and women have clearly not done enough in this incident what with capture and holding of possibly dangerous animals, the first aid on animals’ alleged victims, trying to note the situation for future reference, and then having an animal destroyed. That itself takes a lot of rigmarole… Silly sods didn’t think to act like Burke and Hare and collect half chewed body parts so that a lady can wander the Wight with an arm like Kaiser Wilhelm II! So glad the coppers in ‘your country’ are better than the oldest police force… Read more »


I will never understand the attraction of owning one of these biting machines


If you read a comment further up – the owner/victim is identified as a sociopath. That was the attraction. They have no compunction to be harmless.

So sad about so much.

Where does it say they are a sociopath? I can’t see anything that says that. Are they removing comments here?

Kostas Quiteabit

Replacing your brain with a finger wasn’t very helpful though – was it?

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