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Wight Computers have been working with cross-Solent operator Wightlink to develop a bespoke digital voice assistant which will provide Wightlink customers with up to the minute details about the service status of their ferries and FastCat sailings.

To fulfil the brief of providing the best possible customer experience, the Wight Computers software development team have created an Amazon Alexa Skill and a Google Assistant Action which works with Wightlink’s existing data feeds to bring the service status information to more people.

Lead software developer, John Collingwood, said:

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“Many people, particularly those with disabilities, use voice assistants to answer almost any question, play music, tell the news and control smart home devices. Now with one simple question they can access vital travel service status information by simply saying, “Talk to Wightlink…” on Google, or “Ask Wightlink…” on Alexa – after enabling the Wightlink Skill which can be searched for under ‘Skills’ in their Alexa App.”

Stuart James, Marketing and Innovation Director at Wightlink, said:

“We’ve linked Amazon Alexa and Google Home to our live service status so customers can find out the time of their next sailing, and if there are any delays, by simply asking their voice-controlled smart speaker. Google Assistant can also be used by drivers to control their vehicle’s entertainment system – that’s great news for regular travellers.

“It has been a real pleasure to work closely with an Island business on this concept. Team members at Wight Computers have provided amazing technology to make it easier for our customers to find the information they need.”

Managing Director of Wight Computers, Andrew Nordbruch commented:

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“Voice technology is becoming the norm now and it opens up many innovative opportunities and possibilities for businesses – across all sectors. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this voice project with the team at Wightlink and are excited to be able to offer this bespoke software service to create other applications using these major platforms.”

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Karn Evil 9
Karn Evil 9
6 months ago

Great so even more 2nd homeowners can come over now, even without leaving there comfy leather recliner to order tickets, or spilling their champagne.

ALEXA: “How do I break tier 3 regulations?”

ALEXA REPLIES: “Travel to the Isle of Wight, Would you like to book tickets for your entire family?”

Lady Dunstanding
Lady Dunstanding
6 months ago

Firstly, we are not customers. We are passengers held to ransom by their disgusting fares. Questions have been raised in both Houses of Parliament about the exorbitant amount of money the Island’s ferry companies extract from locals and Covid-bringers alike. Secondly, Will their new voice system for people with disabilities kick in every time someone in a wheelchair ain’t allowed on the Ryde catamaran? Which is quite often… No? Didn’t think so. P.R. stunt to make the investors feel better about themselves. True Islanders know their boundless duplicity will ensure their smooth passage Hellbound.

6 months ago

Just tried “Talk to Wightlink” on Google. After asking about Fishbourne to Portsmouth it replied it was having difficulties and to try again later. A great idea to utilize smart speakers, just hope it turns out to be more reliable. I suppose there’ll always be initial teething troubles, but congrats to the team.

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