The current situation has put all of us in a completely new situation where we need to turn from living the fast and modern life to staying at home as much as possible and having a lot of free time. There is still no precise date when the crisis will end, but there are a lot of positive things that came with it.

People started saving money, air pollution is down, animal life is starting to thrive, etc. While there are many setbacks for us in this situation, we wanted to shift our attention to the optimistic state of mind and give you a small list of extremely productive things to do. Let’s check them out.

Start a Website and Make Money

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It is important to stay safe, but why not be safe and make money in the process? A lot of people started making websites and turned them into a handsome profit. The most popular type of making money is blogging.

The beauty in blogging is that you don’t need any formal education, you just need to be creative and willing to write stories. You are also flexible with time and you can write in your free time. News sites and affiliate websites are also a good way to make money. That way, you can take full advantage of your extra free time and better your financial status, which is extremely important these days.

You might have one problem though – insufficient knowledge on how to make a website. But, we thought of this process in advance which is why we found the perfect guide on how to start your website. The guide also has valuable information on types of sites to create and a good step-by-step explanation.

Creating a website might be one of the most interesting things to do and if you follow the steps, it can become a source of income for you. Instead of complaining about the situation like everyone else, you will learn how to thrive in it.


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What is the best way to make the best of the free time, other than investing it in your health? The outbreak motivated many famous fitness athletes to share numerous interesting workout-from-home plans and they are extremely good.

While in the mode, you can also create meal plans for yourself and learn everything about the food that you eat. As you know, the world today lives at a high pace, which is why many go to fast-food places and eat extremely unhealthy. The more you take care of yourself, the better you will feel and the longer you will live. That should be the perfect motivation to get up and start working out.

Take Online Surveys

Since many events like sports games and music festivals have been cancelled, people usually are dug into their laptops or computers and waste time by streaming movies and TV series. Well, we are here to tell you that there is a much more productive way to use your Internet, aside from making a website.

Numerous companies are willing to pay a lot of money to people that are willing to participate in online surveys. There are some reports that some online surveys can pay up to £200 and they usually take 5-10 minutes to complete. It’s a win-win situation. People earn fast and easy money, while companies gain information about the market. So, instead of wasting time watching shows, why not look for these sites and start making money?

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