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Island Line services have been suspended this lunchtime (Wednesday) as a result of an electrical train fault.

At around 11:45, a train entering Ryde Esplanade station ground to a halt on an incline between Ryde Tunnel and the station. A sole passenger on board had to be evacuated by means of being escorted up the line to the nearby platform.

Now, South Western Railway has confirmed that their Isle of Wight service has been suspended until further notice, with no trains running between Ryde Pier Head and Shanklin.

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The service was already running a reduced timetable owing to a fault with 1 of just 2 trains operating on Island Line. Now, the sole remaining train has gone out of service.

It is unknown when the trains will start operating again, but SWR says that engineers are working to get the service up and running as soon as possible.

UPDATE @ 16:30 – It has been confirmed that the service is expected to remain suspended until the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday), meaning it is unlikely any trains will run before Friday morning.

Tickets are being accepted on Southern Vectis Route 2 and 3 buses only.

It was announced in September that 5 new 2-car trains have been ordered for the Isle of Wight, but they won’t enter service until May 2021.

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UPDATE @ 18:20 – In an unexpected turn, South Western Railway have confirmed that a 1-train service has now resumed.

Trains are running to the revised timetable, with the first train having left Ryde Pier Head at 17:49.

Services are running at XX:49 from Ryde Pier Head and XX:18 from Shanklin. This is expected to continue until Friday.


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Roger T

It’s time to get rid of these old trains & replace them with newer versions.

John Yunnie

The new trains are already on order but will not enter service until 2021.

Harry Shyters

Island line staff do a great job just keeping them in service…all credit to them.


Too right Harry, to keep them old girls running for so long is amazing! Shame the staff don’t get the support from the company or the government they deserve. The islands public transport network is falling apart from lack of investment and racketeering. I feel for the staff that do so much to make everything work, not just the trains but busses and boats.


Jon I think it’s 2022 before the new old ones come in service

Dicky Daniels

New, many years ago.


What a bloody shamble, sort it out, and before you say its not our fault, it’s not the publics

Terry Lawson

Its not just the old Tube stock, the whole line and its buildings look in a deadful state, and with the toilets locked closed. Its a shame. I’m not surprised there was only one person on the train when it conked out ! The steam railway shows how it should be done.

Andrew Beadle

It’s Tube Stock..
Why can’t they lease 2 from TfL ???

Joe Blogs

Probably wouldn’t fit and wouldn’t like salt water up their skirts going up the pier.


There is nothing suitable London Underground aren’t using, and anyway would need expensive modifications to reduce length to 2 carriages and operate with one electrified rail instead of two (3rd rail vs 4th rail).

The quickest solution must be finishing off the train that’s spent around 18 months(?) in Ryde Depot being overhauled.

Az-zahra Aziz

Roll of insulating tape would be used in India and once the goats, chickens and passengers squeezed back on, be all ok.

Old bean

Az you don’t half talk rubbish

A.N Other



This is getting on my nerves now I have to get the bus to school the train breaks down when I’m on it why wait till 2021 why can they bring the new trains early next year they don’t need much time

Don’t care

You have no idea how it works can’t just get a train and bring it over


Broke down with 1 passenger on board. Thats hardly cost effective public transport. Sounds like a complete waste of taxpayers money to upgrade a system with so little use. Just scrap the whole thing.

none given


priceless comment and I mean that sarcastically, – that train is packed a few hours earlier with commuters.

it was 11.40 and off peak – how many passengers were waiting at the esplanade for the train to take them up the pier – they will have missed the 11.47 boat because of this.

What do you suggest island line do – stop the train at St Johns as there is only one passenger on board and tell him/her to walk to the esplanade and also advise those waiting to go up the pier to walk.

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