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A 42-year-old man is recovering in hospital after being stabbed in Sandown yesterday evening (Wednesday).

Police were called to reports of an assault in the Station Avenue area at just after 17:15. On arrival, officers found an injured male with a stab wound.

The victim was rushed to St Mary’s Hospital in Newport and it’s understood that specialist trauma doctors from Thames Valley Air Ambulance were called in.

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A 35-year-old woman, from Ventnor, has been arrested on suspicion of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. She was also taken to St Mary’s Hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

The male’s injuries are not life-threatening.

Police say that this incident appears to be isolated and as such there is no suggestion of a wider problem or risk to the public.

Anyone who has information that may assist Police with their enquiries is asked to phone 101, quoting 44200160396.

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Harry Wad

Society starting to break down. Drugs are rife here, and one of the major cases of crime, low life providing an additional amount, with the combination of the two sure to cause society to implode.


Arseoles will always be Arseoles whatever is going on around us , it’s just an excuse they’ll come up with to explain their behaviour and the judge will take pity and let them off ! V.E day tomorrow good job majority of people then didn’t have the attitude of today otherwise life would have been very different for all of us now.

Lynne Wright

I wonder if drink or drugs played any part in it.


hope she gets years – no excuse for using a knife in public – it is not a self defence argument


You’re quick to come to that decision. Maybe the woman had been a victim of domestic violence.. maybe it’ll come down to that great legal drug alchohol..


or maybe the man was the victim of domestic violence – it is more common than you might think.


More low life wasting the NHS time and money


What is happening to the Isle of Wight, never used to be like this here. It’s a pity they never made like Jersey. no money you can’t stay here, I really hate what my beautiful home has become.


I’ve seen that before, 1st hand…Eventually she got caught out but too late for the man who suffered at her evil hand..His life was ruined with no come back…


Where are all the Ryde sandown and shanklin doom and gloomers today on holiday.


The thought of thrusting a knife into human flesh makes me feel sick, anyone that has that much hatred inside themselves should and must be removed from the streets.

They have no respect for the gift of life, they must be mentally unstable…

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