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Housing association Sovereign has added its weight to the growing number of social landlords which have announced they will stop issuing fixed term tenancies on all 3 bed properties and below, and replace them all with assured tenancies.

The move will provide Sovereign’s residents with long-term security by removing the need to renew their tenancies, allowing those who live in Sovereign properties, a home for life.

Sovereign has over 8,000 residents currently on fixed term tenancies and in October 2020, any residents in 3 bedroom homes and smaller, will have their tenancy converted to an assured tenancy, irrespective of when their existing agreement comes up for renewal.

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Sovereign’s Regional Director of Housing, Helen Hann said:

“We’re a leading housing association, driven by our social purpose where our residents always come first: and that means more homes, better places and excellent services. We want to provide homes that people can afford, raise a family in and where they can thrive and stay for the long term.

“We believe everyone should be able to have a guaranteed level of security in their home, where they feel safe. Lifetime tenures encourage stronger, more engaged and thriving communities.

“We are pleased to join others in the sector who have already implemented this change.”

Fixed term tenancies were introduced by the Localism Act 2011 with the aim of allocating social housing to those who need it and not giving lifetime tenancies to people whose circumstances might change in the future.

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Sovereign’s decision to keep fixed term tenancies on 4 bed properties and above is purely due to the shortage of these properties for larger families whose circumstances will change over time, reducing the need for a larger property as the family dynamics change.

Kelly McArthur, Head of Lettings said:

“We’re pleased to share the news of this exciting change with our existing and potential customers.  Our new tenancy policy sees us letting more homes with assured tenancies from 1 October 2020. We’re also taking a positive approach to convert all fixed term tenancies on three bed homes or smaller, in October, which I’m sure will be welcome news to our customers.”

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Big Ben

At last some good news for renters, well done Sovereign.


a decision that will come back to bite them later.
They would have been better off having fixed term, with a clause that simply states “auto renewal for a further fixed term if circumstances of tenant have not changed materially”
it would then ensure they can remove someone whose circumstances have changed and are just hogging a property

Steven Willet

Spot on. They are way too many low life tenants who rarely if ever pay a full rent, going from unemployed, to tax credits, to disabled then onto a pension. Avoiding paying their way in life of rent, council tax, income tax, yet claim everything going.   Bad enough, but many don’t look after the property and rarely keep the gardens neat and Lord knows what damage they do inside.   ALL should be on a short term tenancy and inspectors should do random checks to see what they are growing in lofts, out houses, and whether they are looking… Read more »


As a child I was brought up on a huge council housing estate in the 50’s on the mainland. A representative from the council would do periodic checks on the property you lived in. Can rarely remember properties that were abused both inside and outside. People knew that if you didn’t look after them then you were in danger of being evicted. How times have changed.

Teacher knows best

I have been a Sovereign tenant for a number of years, I can conferm they do regular walk abouts, and if I have had any concerns regarding tenants or the area, they have acted quickly and efficiently, I can’t fault them,

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