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Southern Vectis has designed its own fun online ‘bus school’ for local youngsters seeking something a little different to keep their minds active. 

The local bus operator is publishing special worksheets on its website – with bus-bus-themed activities and puzzles in subjects ranging from home economics and geography to maths and science.

Nikki Honer, Head of Communications for Southern Vectis, says:

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“We know many young people living in our area love buses, because we’ve had so many requests for visits to our depot in recent years.

“Those who have come to see us in the past have had incredible knowledge of our timetables and bus numbers – particularly young visitors who have autism because they have an extraordinary talent for memorising this type of information. They also love nothing more than a bus ride around the city whenever they get the opportunity.

“Sadly, that isn’t possible right now, and these are testing times – both for them and for their parents and guardians. So we want to give them something a little different and fun to focus on.

“They can now download various bus-themed puzzles and activities from our website – and we’ll be offering a prize for those who send us their efforts.”


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