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coweslifeboat (1)Cowes lifeboat was called out to a quite unique incident last night (Sunday) when a yacht run aground on a new man-made shingle bank at the entrance to Cowes Harbour.

The shingle, which had only been disgorged from a large ship over the weekend, was part of the preliminary work for a new protective breakwater. The small yacht named Lullaby, with one man aboard, had come to grief on it around 21:00 when it was on its way from the Solent to a mooring up the River Medina.

After the lifeboat crew deployed a steadying anchor for the yacht, the man was taken ashore to await the next high tide. He apparently managed to return to the yacht in a dinghy in the early hours of the morning and continue up the river.

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People on The Parade at Cowes were treated to the unusual sight of a man walking on the bank at the next low tide later in the morning. Someone also planted a flag on the bank.

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