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Multiple police units – including armed officers – and paramedics have been called to a dog attack in Sandown tonight (Sunday).

Golf Links Road to the rear of Fairway Holiday Park has been closed by Police as emergency teams deal with the serious incident.

It’s thought that there are a number of casualties and the assistance of the Air Ambulance is being considered.

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Island Echo readers reported hearing ‘loud bangs’ – described as sounding like gun shots – in the area of Perowne Way at around 22:30.

It is thought that the dog may have been killed.

Members of the public are advised to avoid the area until further notice.

Police cordons have been erected around the immediate area.

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UPDATE @ 23:59 – At least 4 people are understood to have been injured in the attack, 2 seriously.

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance has landed at St Mary’s Hospital in the past 20 minutes to transfer 1 patient to a mainland hospital.

Island Echo can confirm that the dog has been dispatched by Armed Police. The animal has been killed next to a white Audi convertible close to the water works.

Detectives from Newport CID have arrived at the scene as investigations into the incident get underway.

It’s thought that tonight’s incident is the first time Police have opened fire with live ammunition on the Island is a significant period of time.

UPDATE MONDAY – Police have confirmed that 2 people have been seriously injured as a result of last night’s attack, which involved a Staffy Mastiff cross.

Read the latest at https://www.islandecho.co.uk/dog-attack-leaves-2-seriously-injured-police-open-fire-on-staffie-mastiff-cross/.

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Is it wrong that I am upset for the dog


No dear, it’s not wrong your upset about the dog, scum will destroy any life that cross their path. They make the appearance of a human but there far from human, it’s time so called human scum are put down, if a dog attack humans the dog is put down, so why not scum???? Scum should never be allowed to have a dog, dogs are very loyal to the people that own them, if they have good homes and owners, dogs are wonderful. Sadly scum are allowed to have dogs, unfortunately scum use them has a weapon because they are… Read more »

Last edited 18 days ago by Clare

This is so sad, poor dog. If they had called me I would’ve subdued the dog and rehabilitated it. We need a professional animal control on the island. I go wild sometimes but I haven’t been shot yet.

Common Sense

Are you serious?? Poor dog???? How about 4 poor victims, 2 of whom are serious????


People are arseholes anyway, dog should’ve lived and been rehabilitated. Just like nonces and rapists do.

Mrs brown

Yes poor dog!!! Was probably mistreated & abused by the owner. The owner should’ve been shot! Bloody numptys any twat can own a dog. Should have to have a license!

Island resident

By going wild do you mean you have injured 4 people? Enough to require the air ambulance for 2 of them? The police did the right thing, the owner of that dog should be found and have the book thrown at him or her aswell.


From what I’ve read from a couple of comments this woman needs investigating by the police properly ?


I totally agree poor bloody thing


ha if it hurts people and it was out of control there would be no other choice

Magical mag

What breed of dog was it

Last edited 18 days ago by Magical mag

Until more information about this situation comes through my heart goes out to the injured persons and hope they make a quick recovery. It was obvious that shooting it was the only action the police could take at the time. Shame they couldn’t have used a tranquilliser dart on this animal . In a majority of dog attacks the blame lies with the owners. Some breeds don’t make good “ pets”.


Odd we can see that some breeds of dog are likely more volatile and prone to aggression than other breeds, yet, with many exceptions, but society fails to admit such with humans.
Never nice to kill something, yet if your child had it’s face torn off, screaming in agony, disfigured for life, my guess is you may feel differently, they certainly would if their entire life was ruined by such.
Agree it is rarely the ‘animals’ fault, but either way, it certainly is NOT the fault of the victims.


Hi. If you read my post more carefully I stated and stand by my comment that some breeds don’t make good pets. Until we know what triggered the attacks I still wish the victims a speedy recovery. Unfortunately one of them was the owner only that person will know. Again I stand by my post that in majority of attacks it comes down to the owner. On this occasion the owner was not at fault I believe. Tragic event that led to her dog being killed. Some breed of dogs should not be sold to the public. And naturally I… Read more »


Another poster said the dog came from some sort of caravan junk yard, and the woman whose dog attacked her and attacked this ladies husband some while ago, yet the owner, the attacked women never even apologised.
IF so, then for once looks like she gets what she deserved.
Could be lies of course but seem to make sense, as there is a gypsy, scruffy dump on the right of the footpath which runs alongside the golf course.
That eyesore needs removing along with the low life owners or squatters.

Someone who knows.

The woman owns the land she’s on, she always purposely has dogs she thinks will be vicious, and given her own aggressive nature is hardly surprising she drives the dogs out of their minds.

Julie Giles

Some breeds don’t make good pets BULLSHIT some humans don’t make good dog owners narrow minded people

J Mac

It is very heard to tranqualise a dog on a rampage or even just moving about. Transquilisers don’t take immediate effect anyway. So not very effective and dangerous.


What a stupid comment It doesn’t matter what breed of dog it is, it’s the way they are treated any dog can be good or bad I put money on it was being mistreated

Eilidh Somerville

Any breed does things like this? Yeah right! When was the last time you heard of a breed like a Standard Poodle, Greyhound, Springer Spaniel, Golden Retriever or a Rough Collie needing to be shot dead by police after going on a rampage seriously injuring multiple people?

Magical Mag

Just bloody well asking …Nick

J Mac

Nick, you need a primer on animal genetics. There are breeds for a reason and one of those is that breed genetics determine a great deal of canine behavior. When a dog goes off and attacks it is rarely the fault of the owner unless it is because the owner did not have the dog properly under control.

george taylor

Spoke with a local lady this morning and she informs me it was a Staffi, but I can’t confirm that

Magical Mag

Thank you, I hadn’t seen it mentioned what breed it was …just wondered incase I knew the owner, awfull thing to happen all round, I still wonder if the dog was protecting owner and got in such a frenzy that it couldnt make out who was who , x


what does it matter what breed it was all dogs are pack animals and its the way thay are brought up right from word go . i realy feel sorry for victims here and my thoughts are with them


Some are illegal to own under Dangerous Dogs Act.

Eilidh Somerville

Whenever a dog is shot dead after going on a rampage like this it is almost always a fighting/guarding breed as those breeds are more predisposed to attacking due to selective breeding.

howarth lisa

was it a police dog?


from the way iv read it hun it sounds like it dosnt it xx

Ingrid Harrison


Opinions Matter

No, not a Police Dog. Look on Facebook, Isle of Wight dog owners. Statement from the inspector clarifies this. No full details as yet.


Low life druggies use dogs as status symbol and protection. One wonders if this was one of those, or just a family pet gone crazy.
If only other violent, aggressive offenders could be removed from society as effectively.
Never nice to kill something, yet if your child had it’s face torn off, screaming in agony, disfigured for life, my guess is you may feel differently, they certainly would.

Opinions Matter

The police made the right decision due to the dog attacking numerous people. A shame as the poor dog has been trained, bought up to be like that. The owner is at fault

Martin Shoebridge

100% agree. Mostly, it’s the owner, not the dog.Either by choice or by neglect.As a broad statement,all dogs have the inbuilt pack instinct and the natural desire to hunt and kill. That can either be enhanced to subdued. Rotweilers and Staffies have all got a bad name in the press and that is unfortunate.Our Staffy is as soft as you like, BUT I wouldn’t trust her to be left unsupervised with a young child. Ther’s something about a baby’s distress crying that sets off a natural instinct and they switch to ‘kill this distressed animal’…. You see it in nature… Read more »


Why oh why do people allow dogs to run free. S G i have not upset the dog was put down obiviously a dangerous animal out of control. The owners should be named & shamed then, heavily fined & banned from ever owning a dog again. Hope the injured make a full recovery. I have a small dog that never leaves my sight especially when out walking ( but not for a while now). Even when allowed to go out with my dog on lead the number of so called ‘responcable dog owners’ who allow their animals to run free… Read more »

Eilidh Somerville

They (fighting and guarding breeds) frequently escape from their properties and break free from people walking them in order to maul and kill. It was several stafford/mastiff mixes that escaped from their garden and mauled a lady to death in Australia a few months ago. There have been countless other fatal maulings like that and like this by the same breed types.

howarth lisa

oh I see now was a staff x bull mastiff

Magical Mag

I didnt read it properly either

howarth lisa

think its because in early report it says police dog

J Mac

Pitbulls doing what they do best. What idiot allowed the pitbull lobby to insert an exemption into the legislation banning pitbulls? American Staffordshire Terrier is the very definition of pitbull.

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