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HM Coastguard and Police have responded to reports of a missing child at the beach in Sandown this afternoon (Saturday).

The alarm was raised by the boy’s grandmother at around 16:00 and resulted in a large scale response from local Police officers and Coastguard Rescue Officers from both Bembridge and Ventnor.

Thankfully, the youngster has now been found safe and well near Culver Parade. Search teams have been stood down.

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HM Coastguard are urging Islanders to take care at the coast this weekend – the organisation has issued a stark warning.

If you or someone else is in difficulty on the coast or at sea, or if you spot what you think may be unexploded ordnance, then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Further safety information can be found at

Get help faster by giving emergency services your exact location by using What3Words.

What3Words have divided the world into 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words. What3Words addresses are easy to say and share, and as accurate as GPS coordinates which means when you are in a remote area of the Isle of Wight, you can get assistance much quicker without the need for local knowledge.

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Do they mean stark or shark warning


on Island Echo it’s previously said Her Majesty’s Coastguard is warning people not to take risks at the coast this weekend.


Fantastic xx


For goodness sake.
Keep all pets on a lead…..


Are you an idiot? How is a child a pet? You either can’t read or have never had kids to even imagine the frantic panic the child’s parents were in. You absolute imbecile

Ed Down

I believe Kerry was performing something known as “sarcasm” please google it


What an absolute waste of time. Honestly can people not take responsibility for themselves and kids more seriously.


Seriously a waste of time looking for a missing child? Are you for real? If you have children yourself, let’s hope you never find yourself in that situation. I suppose with that nature of comment you’re one of these crazy cat ladies that would expect everyone to look for your feline child


Well said

Martin (Ryde)

Must you be so rude and disrespectful?


I just can’t believe that she would say looking for a child is a waste of time.

Soldier of fortune

Think you need to take some medication.


Medication for what? The idiot said looking for a child is a waste of time. She must not have children.


If they kept an eye on the child in the first place the resources wouldn’t of been needed .. no telling off for the parents I presume.. surely its neglect to not watch your child on a busy beach away from home

Jim Bob

It’s wouldn’t HAVE. Not wouldn’t of.


Seems not

Concerned of Wootton

As mentioned previously by both RNLI and HM Coastguard, the Island beaches do not currently have any lifeguard cover, so everyone needs to be more responsible and take more care than usual. Glad the child was found safe and well.


How can a parent lose a child if they keep a close eye on their children? It would seem the parents weren’t paying attention.

Lucky this time, hope the parents have learned a valuable lesson.

Jim Bob

I’m sure you would do better.


I take it you have never had children then


Thank god the child has been found safe & well. And don’t be so quick to condemn the parents, it doesnt matter how well you watch them, all us parents have had a moment of distraction, then you look back & your child has moved out of your vision. Then the panic sets in, its horrible. This poor family will be feeling so upset.


Ignorance to parental responsibility is no excuse…This situation could have ended differently.

No ifs or buts….


In a perfect world our children will never fall over, bump heads, graze knees for going too fast on their bikes, get sunburn despite us parents fighting to plaster on the suntan cream, etc etc etc. No parent is perfect & every parent has had a moment when they say to themselves ‘thank god you’re ok’ when their child has had a little accident /not be paying attention.


You sound like an irresponsible parent if im honest

Jim Bob

Clare you sound like an idiot


you sound like a nasty person look at yourself

Island resident

I’m sorry but you cannot tell me you have never once been distracted for one millisecond and lost sight of your kids IT HAPPENS it does not mean in anyway shape or form that you are an irresponsible parent by any means.
Just one of these know it all parents who put down any other parent out there.
I sincerely hope you dont have this happen to you.


You have never had children then. They can be gone in the wink of an eye. These things happen but not to you obviously Miss Perfect

Lucy Lane

Every parents worst nightmare. Glad child was found safe.


The dreaded covid kidnapped him.


Welp, Keep taking the medication….


The covid is after us all. We’re all doomed. A measley 1% death rate proves that. Everybody HIDE!!!!


STARK. They are meaning what they say with a slight touch of anger behiend it.

Jim Michaels

You lot are nothing more than a bunch of moaning sad monkeys with nothing better to do than rip each other apart. Why do you get yourself wound up over something out of your control?

Island resident

Come on guys we all know if you take your eyes off a little one for all of half a second you can lose sight very easily.
I agree in these times you have to be extremely careful but these things can and do happen.
I’m really really glad the little one was found safe and well.
Just remember guys if you are down the beach keep an extra sharp look out on your kids.
Stay safe

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