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Sandown’s Broadway Centre, Los Altos Park and The Heights are being used as the backdrop for the filming of a forthcoming TV adaptation of Nicholas Blake’s The Beast Must Die.

The BritBox series will be shown over 5 episodes at some point next year. The series will star Jared Harris, Cush Jumbo, Billy Howle, Nathaniel Parker, Geraldine James, Maeve Dermody and newcomers Mia Tomlinson and Barney Sayburn.

Town Mayor Gary Young said:

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“The Town Council were really supportive of this project, and when aired will show Sandown, and the Island, as the stunning location that it is.

“We are glad we could help this production, and we look forward to seeing it in 2021 – it has already generated considerable local and national interest”.

Deputy Mayor Paul Brading added:

“The production has also provided opportunities for local actors and businesses, and hopefully will attract other TV and Film opportunities in the future”.

As previously reported by Island Echo, filming has been taking place on Brading Downs overlooking Sandown Bay this week.

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Bob Frapples

Jared Harris, Cush Jumbo, Billy Howle, Nathaniel Parker, Geraldine James, Maeve Dermody and newcomers Mia Tomlinson and Barney Sayburn. Who???

Party of ten .

It’s being shown on britbox which is a bbc channel. but you have to pay to watch it, even though you already pay with the rip off licence fee..
No thanks .


Umm – not a bbc channel.
It’s owned by the bbc and itv.
It makes a profit which is returned to the owners.
Get your facts right.


Oh look I got voted down – what a shocker


Exactly lol xx

Old Mike

Nathaniel Parker best known as ‘Inspector Lynley’, and Geraldine James for her part in ‘Jewel in the Crown’. Both well established actors with a string of credits to their names.


Horror being filmed on the island,,” Won’t somebody please think of the children.”


Never heard of any of them.


Or Gary Young and Paul Brading???

Eve Shipman

If anyone wants to film a horror story on the Isle of Wight, just stick a web-cam on a pole overlooking St. Mary’s roundabout. Or even near the floating skip.


Does it still count as “floating” if it spends most of its time broken down on the shore?
Seriously though, at least I know what the tents are for now, I thought it might be a pop-up testing center but this may just possibly give a welcome boost to the local economy

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