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Brading Downs will be closed to all traffic today (Thursday) to enable camera crews to continue filming for The Beast Must Die.

As part of an 11-week shoot on the Isle of Wight, Brading Downs Road will be closed between the junction with Ashey Road and Bully’s Hill/The Mall.

Island Echo understands that a police chase scene is to be filmed at the scenic location overlooking Sandown and the East Wight.

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Filming is also taking place this week at the former Council offices at The Heights in Sandown, as well as at a private residence on Playstreet Lane in Ryde.

Earlier this week a crime scene shoot took place at Whale Chale car park off Military Road.

Brading Downs Road will be closed from 09:00 until filming concludes later on today.

The Beast Must Die is being produced by New Regency Television and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Films and tells the story of a grieving mother who infiltrates the life of the man she believes killed her son. It is a BritBox original and an adaption of the 1938 novel by Nicholas Blake – the assumed name of poet Cecil Day-Lewis, father of Daniel Day-Lewis.

Islanders can expect to see the locally-filmed series on Britbox at some point in 2021.

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Let’s encourage & show the feral drivers here how to drive dangerously, good idea not!
Why not set up viewing platforms for them.

Magical mag

It’s a controlled car chase it’s not real


I think the readers are intelligent enough to know that without being told.
But the boy racing scrotes will not have enough brain cells to compute the facts!

Little Pots

Who needs actors and stunt men here? Just let the camera roll on most days of the week.

Dr Nick

Have you ever driven in London, Manchester or Birmingham? Driving on this island is wonderful compared to most UK cities. So much less aggression, the relaxed attitude of many island drivers is one of the things I’ll miss most about this place.

Little Pots

Less of those who perhaps are not so ‘used to’ mechanical means of transportation live here, thus far anyway.

Mickey the mouse

Seriously? The island officially has some of the most dangerous roads in the country. Hi accident rates on average by official figures. I think your wearing those rose tinted spectacles that people wear here. The ones that also ignore the high alcohol dependence, drug addiction, low prospects of work in seasonal jobs if you’re lucky and disproportionately high crime rates. Although if course it’s denied.

Tim C

Brilliant, let’s encourage more filming on the island. Can’t wait to see the results.


Well let’s hope the film police have better results than our police and catch them.

Bob Frapples

Just because they close the road off for filming they are still breaking the law

Party of ten .

Whale chale? Good grief .

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