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Police are investigating the theft of a safe from a funeral home in Newport over the weekend.

Investigations are taking place at the Co-Operative Funeral Service on St James’ Street this morning (Monday).

Hampshire Constabulary say that a safe has been stolen from the property and that the burglary took place sometime between 17:00 on Friday (14th February) and 08:50 this morning.

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It is unknown at this time how much money or good were contained in the safe, but the content is said to be ‘personal items’.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious can call 101, quoting 44200060733.

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Old bean

Shocking scum


Scum of the Earth what sort of person does crap like that hope they get what they deserve

Yoshikage Kira

Avoid theft in the future by hiding a smaller safe with nothing inside inside the safe.
Their hardwork will be all for nothing. They won’t do that again…

Fed up

One word for these people (Scum)

Daniel Skelton

Do they not keep a record of safe movement? Like isn’t that standard practise to record everything going in and out of the safe?


Are you saying it should have CCTV? or Sat-Nav???
It could be a Hybrid and have boath…

Daniel Skelton

Are you actually that dumb? Safe movement = stuff going in and out of the safe. Record = a log of also stuff going in and out, and yes it’s standard practise to have cctv covering a safe.

Terry Kirkby

Dear o Dear How damn wrong is this! from what I have read indicates to me that the safe contained personal belongings and that what makes this so wrong on all fronts!

I do hope they catch the culprits and set an example but sadly the example will be a suspended sentence!
Bring back the birch!!! they wont do this type of thing again would they!


How would they know where the safe is? Rings alarm bells to me. I am not being funny or any think and yes it’s very low thing to do, but unless you are shown or know where the safe is joe blogs that walks in there anit going to see it or know where it is. All so safes should be bolted down.

Daniel Skelton

Wouldn’t be too difficult to find, usually 9/10 it’s either found in a cash office or managers office.

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