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Town councillors have unanimously agreed to write to the Isle of Wight Council’s Planning Department, calling upon them to prepare a comprehensive infrastructure plan for Ryde.

The decision, made at a meeting on 2nd December, reflects concern among councillors and residents about the number of large-scale developments being planned or proposed on the outskirts of the town, which Ryde Town Council says is ‘without adequate consideration of the infrastructure implications’. Included in these are several large housing developments, the expansion of the Nicholson Road industrial estate and a possible ice rink at Smallbrook Stadium.

Commenting on the decision, Councillor Diana Conyers, chair of the Council’s Planning Committee, said:

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“We recognise the need for more houses, jobs and recreational facilities in the town, but these have to be accompanied by improvements in the road network and increased health and other social service provision”.

The Mayor of Ryde, Councillor Michael Lilley, who represents Ryde East on Ryde Town Council and the Isle of Wight Council, strongly supported the resolution:

“Most of these developments are in my ward and neighbouring Ryde South. It’s not fair on residents in these areas”.

It was one of these residents, Jenny Wade, who initiated the resolution:

“There are already major traffic problems at road junctions in this area and these new developments will make the situation even worse. As a local resident, I feel that I have to do everything I can to get this point across. I thank Ryde Town Council for their support”.

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none given

brading surgery closed – 4500 patients moved to lake and Ryde – there is no room for anymore patients on the island – they couldn’t get a DR to keep the brading surgery open, so they cannot claim to put a DR surgery in, without a DR. There is no need for more housing – the only reason councilors such as Diana Conyers indicate that more houses are needed, is that it would generate more council tax revenue and subsequently more money for her and other councillors in pay rises – they do not care about the environment. If they… Read more »

Az-zahra Aziz

People who live on the Isle of Wight don’t see the massive correlation between mass immigration into the UK, effecting them. Yet, many many people I speak to, say they have moved here to escape the ills and problems that mass immigration is causing on the mainland, fully understandable they wish to come here, where such is still thankfully low, BUT it then causes more overcrowding here. The roads are dire now around Ryde. YET as I have mentioned before, those developers will be living miles away, in some still quiet location and when your children dodge cars on their… Read more »


Agree. More like urban sprawl than biosphere.


Well done Ryde for putting the pressure on, this also affects other areas. Government pressure everywhere to build extra houses with no consideration given to local requirements of the young and needy. How can they promise to build more surgery’s when they can’t get any doctors to run them. The whole system is a total mess run by incompetents. The only beneficiaries to these schemes are the fat cat developers, and their friends !!!

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