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Police, fire and ambulance crews are all responding to a road traffic collision on Park Road in Cowes this evening (Tuesday).

Multiple emergency service vehicles are reported to be responding to the scene on lights and sirens.

Fire control say they have mobilised appliances – believed to be 3 from Newport and Cowes – to the scene at Park Road.

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The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service have also mobilised a number of resources.

Island Echo understands the incident has occurred at the junctions of Reynolds Close and Brooklands Road.

Southern Vectis say that their Route 1 buses via Roundhouse will be diverting from Three Gates Road via Newport Road and Victoria Road in both directions.

UPDATE @ 18:13 – 1 vehicle – a BMW – has rolled onto its side opposite Reynolds Close.

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2 other cars have also been involved in the crash – a VW UP and a Mini One.

Firefighters are continuing to work to free the occupant of the rolled vehicle more than an hour after arriving on scene. Crews have stabilised the vehicle and are using cutting equipment to enable better access to the casualty.

2 fire appliances from Newport and 1 from Cowes are on scene alongside 2 Ambulances, an Ambulance Rapid Response Vehicle and an Ambulance Officer.

The road has been closed in both directions while emergency services deal with the incident.

UPDATE @ 18:53 – The casualty has now been removed from the vehicle and transferred into the care of the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service for onward conveyance to St Mary’s Hospital.

Crews are making up and hot debriefing before handing the scene over to Police for recovery.

UPDATE @ 19:15 – The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service are now standing down from the incident.

Recovery of the BMW has been arranged and the road is expected to re-open once complete.

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i think its a bad one so many emergency vehicles went by i hope all are well fingers crossed.


Re-Name the paper “ISLAND CRASH” It’s all it reports someday! Car crashes.


Larger population, more crashes, a few more years perhaps we could change the name to crash island.

The island is a very bad place to drive and we haven’t seen nothing yet…




Yes you are very right, the island is the worst place to drive in England. We don’t use round abouts right we don’t know how to use a slip road even the police have a problem with a slip road on the island. To many people speed and most islanders don’t seem to let traffic flow.

Bob colins

More Accidents now the mainlanders are over , they are worse than our pensioners !

Last edited 11 days ago by Bob colins

I didn’t realise it was a mainlander. Did I miss that update?

robert russell

Well, speaking as a pensioner, I have advised my wife not to use the middle road or the Yarmouth to Newport road, until the tourists have gone home, as the unbelievably poor standard of driving this year beats all previous years put together. The main problem is overtaking (at speed) without signalling. I have to say, although the Island roads are packed with people who would normally have flown to Benidorm, or the like, are now crowding the Island roads; it is not only the tourists ! I am wondering if there is a ‘fashion’ for not signalling at the moment !!!!


It can’t be just mainlanders who don’t signal, nobody signals in the winter, either!


All those cars where the indicator is an optional extra I think.

Minnie Mouse

I totally agree, I was traveling on the Yarmouth road on Sunday when i noticed a grey Alpha Romeo overtaking the car’s behind me just past the shalfleet lights, he then decided to overtake me on a bend just missing a oncoming vehicle! I’m guessing they were speeding so they wouldn’t miss the ferry? Total idiot driving on OUR island roads with no respect for other road users.

Black rat

Think you will find its the standard of driving by island drivers that is the worst. Since moving here after spending over 30 years in the emergency services this is the worst driving i have ever witnessed, and as for roundabouts, were island drivers ever taught how to use one correctly.

Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing

Probably not, but if you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined. Familiar phrase from your emergency service days? Well, my friend, thank you for your service but if you don’t like the place that my family has called home for many hundreds of years may I suggest you use a ferry and go home? Your real home, I mean. If it’s not too spoiled by everything everyone from the mainland wants to do to the I.W.

Black rat

What a pathetic comment you have made, this has obviously hit a nerve with you so maybe you ought to do an eyesight test as you are clearly blind to the standard of driving by islanders. I really dont care about whether you and your family have lived here for years that really is no excuse and as for getting the ferry back to my real home stop being so bloody childish. My comment is an observation from a vast emergency services background which is and can be classed as a proffessional opinion. Finally your first part of your pathetic… Read more »

black cat

By what you have just stated, about seeing hundreds of RTC’s fatalities, the drivers in the area you lived I would say are worse than Island driver’s, an accident is accident no one really want to hurt themselves, we should be thinking of the people involved in accident and their families.


It’s what keeps your Island on the map = Visitors.

Black rat

You have proof of that then do you, no didnt think so


Whats great about this is that it was ‘local’ that caused is

Matthew Brunt

You read it!!


It’s called news!

Matthew Brunt

Why the downvotes? Should a news outlet not report car crashes, just because there are a lot? Should there be a quota?

Elvis Costello

Accidents will happen.

Old bean

As for last comments should change your name dumb and dumber


Welcome to the Isle of Wight daily demolition Derby. “Crews are making up and hot debriefing” and that is?


And this is why there shouldn’t be comments on these articles.

Just think, people’s families are involved……


Imagine coming onto a news article and making a joke of clearly a nasty accident. I hope this never happens to you or your family. Disgrace

Fatty belcher

We need more hidden Police cameras, and, when or IF they ever catch these dangerous drivers, Jail them for a year, take their car, and fine them heavily.
Nothing else will stop these idiots, we have all had such two inches behind us, so this could easily be anyone of us.
Laws need upgrading for todays impatient idiots
Lets hope if guilty of dangerous driving they suffer pain, for they sure as heck won’t get any other punishment.


How nasty can you be, you dont know the nature of the crash, accidents happen

Fatty belcher

HENCE I said ‘IF GUILTY of dangerous driving’
If not, then I hope all is well with the driver. IF not, then hope he suffers what he could so easily have done to other innocents. IMAGINE if YOUR child or partner were maimed by some idiot.


You’re right. You didn’t say anything inflammatory, make any assumptions or wish pain to the victim of an accident. The ‘if’ really made it clear. Especially when you repeated it in capitals.

Feel free to switch CAPS LOCK off now. Save it for emphasis later.

Is brain engaged

And so it’s not as though your not coming across seething with anger, judging everything you see and hear, I’m sure that attitude will make an excellent calm and collective driver, considering attitude and just with a phone in your control, how do you think your doing, calm & collected, responsible & thoughtfully, or hot-headed and angry, every one there is a victim of an accident, people make mistakes, that’s the nature of accidents? Yes there are idiots and hotheads and such around, with attitude, we can see this just by those comments. Hopefully everyone will involved will be ok.


I hope all drivers and passengers are ok, regardless of whether they were driving recklessly or not.


Once again our emergency services rush to help, you are all fantastic!! Thank god we’ve got you in these scary & frightening times when vehicles crash. Xxx

Fatty belcher

The shame comes not from the Police, but the courts, and the courts can’t sentence our own low life for any meaningful terms as our jails are not filled with the worlds low life being kept, along with their families at OUR expense.


According to an eyewitness the black vw didnt stop at the junction went straight into the bmw as it was coming up park road causing it too swerve and go on its side


As usual, some idiotic comments being made on here. Judgements on who, why and what are being made ahead of any knowledge of the facts. Hopefully everyone involved will be fine but my beef is with the Council authorities. How many more incidents need to take place before they reverse their decision to take out speed cameras and provide a proper p9lice prescience. Poor drivers on the Island are fully aware that they can speed and drive irresponsibly and get away with it. Only being involved in an incident results in them getting caught out. Risking tragedy.

Freddie Boy

Last edited 11 days ago by Freddie Boy
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