Anna Joyce (Newport Vics A) and Alex Rorke (Ryde Raiders)


Rivals for the top spot in Division 1, Ryde A, met Ryde Royals in a closely contested match of high quality last week.

The Royals unbeaten Hugh Idle had to work hard to overcome the A team’s Mark Turner in 5 sets, and then had to fight even harder against Scott Lawson. In a topsy turvy game, it all came down to the last set with Lawson ending Idle’s unbeaten run at the final hurdle.

Ryde A’s Rob Smith had to fight hard to overcome the Royal’s Ricky Lock, and Lock played superbly along with Idle to take a 5 set doubles victory over Turner and Lawson. The match ended 7-3 to Ryde A.

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Newport Vics A and Ryde Raiders had a tight match, with the Raider’s Alex Rorke untroubled in any of his games. Teammate Tim Giles had to fight for all his 3 victories, with Vic’s Anna Joyce only losing out in the final point of the 5th set. The Raider’s Mike Prior and Vic’s Paul Freeborn had a classic encounter which Freeborn won in the final set. The match ended 6-4 to the Raiders.

Ryde A are top of the league at this stage, with the same points total as Ryde Royals and with both having won the same number of sets; however, as Ryde A have fewer sets against, this puts them ahead on countback. Shanklin Warriors are close behind in 3rd place.

Division 1 

Newport Vics B 2 Wroxall A 8
Ryde A 7 Ryde Royals 3
Ryde Raiders 6 Newport Vics A 4

There was a brilliantly contested match in Division 2 this week between Ryde Red Kites and Ryde Rangers which went on late into the evening, with only 2 of the 10 matches being over in 3 sets, and most of the games went the full 5.

The Ranger’s Nam-Viet Mai-Luong had 2 excellent wins against the Red Kites experienced Tim Wakeley and Manfred Gelhard, and young teammate Ross Holme did equally well against Wakeley and Trevor Jones. The match ended 6-4 to the Red Kites.

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Havenstreet Locos are well ahead at the top of the table with a 12-point lead over 2nd placed Shanklin Skuas.

Division 2    

St Lawrence Lizards 3 Havenstreet Locos 7
Ryde Red Kites 6 Ryde Rangers 4
Ryde Rascals 2 Shanklin Skuas 8

Match of the week in Division 3 was between Ryde Rockets and Ryde Rookies, with the Rookies young Ryan Cates winning all 3 to put his win average at 95%.

The Rocket’s Steve Gibbons suffered his first defeat against Cates and now has a win average of 94%. The match ended in a draw with a doubles victory for the Rookies.

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Ryde Rustics head the table with a 3-point lead over Newport Vics C, however, Vics have 3 games in hand.

Division 3 

Ryde Rustics 7 Ryde Regals 3
Ryde Rockets 5 Ryde Rookies 5

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