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Red Funnel is updating customers to confirm that will be no change to its service/operation following the government’s announcement about limiting social contact to groups of no more than six from this Monday. 

As with all new government guidance, Red Funnel has reviewed all guidelines and conducted a risk assessment.

Red Funnel understands that the new government guidance that groups of more than six are not allowed to meet, enforceable by law from Monday 14 September, do not specifically pertain to public transportation operators. This means that the total number of passengers on board its ferries will continue to be more than six, but groups must not socially mix or form larger groups on board.

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It is also the understanding of Red Funnel that the law does not apply to individual households or support bubbles as well as organised team sports. As a result, it anticipates it may still see some larger families and sports teams travelling.

As it will be the responsibility of individuals to abide by government guidance, and the supporting law is only enforceable by the police, Red Funnel will not be asking groups to provide evidence that they are from the same family or social bubble. Such screening is also not within the remit of public transportation operators.

Fran Collins, CEO of Red Funnel, commented:

“As with all government guidance we have reviewed the latest information and conducted the appropriate risk assessment. The safety of our customers and staff is always our number one priority and it remains paramount that we continue to operate in line with the latest guidance. We wish to continue to assure our passengers that they are safe to travel with us and we look forward to welcoming them on board.”

More information on the new government guidelines can be found here:

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For more information about the measures Red Funnel is taking to ensure its customers Sail Safe, see here: 

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perhaps the CEO should travel on one of the ferries and see how impossible it is to socially distance and the ferry becomes a giant social group of hundreds. Maybe then they will reverse their rules re vulnerable travellers being allowed to stay in their vehicles. They have the opportunity to show leadership and responsibility for the safety of its passengers, because my last two trips showed absolutely none (and it was an essential hospital visit for lung and heart condition), staff and passengers not wearing masks over their nose and mouth, not much use on their wrist, people crowded… Read more »


Red funnel and Wight Link let anyone on during lockdown, they’re not going to bother with any restrictions at the moment, it’s all about money.


You are aware that legally they couldn’t stop anyone – they are a ferry company not a police force.


Sorry Chris but it is entirely reasonable to insist on face masks, even making it a term and condition of service just as they don’t allow smoking, or firearms or even gas canisters on caravans if the mood takes them. They just can’t be bothered.


I thought all non essential travel during lockdown was against the law at the time, and why when people booked to come over they were asked the reason for travelling.


And we don’t yet live in a police state.
The public need to take responsibility for themselves as well


well said chris – these people need to travel on quieter services and take responsibility for themselves instead of expecting to be spoon fed.
Don’t travel on busy services… social distancing is not possible – government guidance for passengers states – social distancing is where possible on public transport – you travel at quieter times or expect it to be busy

Karn Evil 9

Money before lives, that’s all that matters to the ferry companies RF = not Red Funnel but Right Fiasco.


On Saturday one of the sailings was full, and yet only about 5% were wearing masks so obviously Red Funnel care nothing for their own staffs safety, or anyone else. Before the ‘not a police state’ comments start, it is absolutely acceptable for a company to insist on masks being worn at all times, as a term of service, a condition of ticket purchase or as a safety matter, just as ANY service provider is doing at the moment. Supermarkets might be getting a bit ‘couldn’t give a toss’ about masks but surely Red Funnel and Wight Link have the… Read more »

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