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2 males riding quad bikes are being sought following a minor road traffic collision on Brading Downs this afternoon (Sunday).

Police and paramedics were called to the beauty spot overlooking Sandown Bay sometime before 16:50.

The occupants of a Ford Mondeo, which sustained front end damage in the incident, have been assessed by paramedics with at least 1 person being conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital with minor injuries.

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2 other cars were also involved in the shunt.

It is claimed that an orange quad bike and a green quad bike, ridden individually by 2 males not wearing helmets, caused the collision but failed to stop at the scene.

The bikes were not displaying any number plates. They were travelling towards Newport.

The Ford was arriving at the Brading Downs View Point for a meet with other Ford vehicles.

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Martin (Ryde)

Some people really don’t care or have any social awareness. It’s like they have been raised feral.


Who cares?!


Dip stick!!!!


Who’s Dip Stick and how do you know he cares?


Oh look it’s dippy Clare again!!


I had a quad bike practically on my backseat when I was driving home earlier, revving to try to make me go over the speed limit. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was them.


Hit law breakers harder

If they are caught hit em hard
They are totally irresponsible. They didn’t even have the intelligence to wear crash helmets
Do they know the risks of hitting the road without a crash helmet ???
Hope they are caught. Probably uninsured.


Probably no insurance eather, more low life on our roads…


You really have not a clue clarey !!

Joe Bloggs

Why Dilligaf? Looked a reasonable enough comment to me. Her finger slipped that’s all.

Chris Harper

Chances are they did not have any insurance as well

Old bean

Lower if this happens again break hard please


Old bean>
Not so sure that is a good idea – he could easily have them in his back passage by doing that!

Mary Jamerson

Our Policemen seems to have lost control presently on the Islands roads. These youngsters tearing around like they have something important to do. Bert never goes above 45 now, no need on short distances here he says.


Good old Bert – What a star!

Richard collins

Been bikes like these (off road bikes with no plates) going around on the island for some time now, were doing it last summer. Not enough coppers to catch them.

Frank Peters

That’s because they’ve historically been too busy chasing people for calling others “nasty names”…
Too much ‘political topic’ policing instead of good old catch the wags!

Old Mike

As I am always saying – as soon as they ‘fail to stop’, then start totting up the cost of the Police and make them pay for it! After all we make University students pay for their education, and that is useful.

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