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A driver is being sought by Police following a crash in Ryde during the early hours of this morning (Sunday).

Shortly before 01:10, a vehicle ploughed into a brick wall at Ryde Demolition on St John’s Hill.

Despite considerable damage to both the car and the wall, the driver failed to stop at the scene and made off.

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A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has said:

“We were called at 01:08 on August 2 to a report of a single vehicle collision with a brick wall, causing extensive damage.

“The vehicle was not at the scene when police attended.

“Enquiries are ongoing”.

Staff at Ryde Demolition have cleared the debris from the pavement and have made safe the boundary wall.

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Anyone with information relating to this incident should call Police on 101, quoting 44200289775.

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Surely there are plenty of people including Ryde demo, with cameras who can supply evidence for some low life drunk, or druggie to have his slap on the wrist weak punishment.
Or is this just another ‘single car’ driver medical episode which the snowflakes ‘prefer’ to believe is the ‘norm’ for such, as they are unwilling to admit that the Island and their ‘cosy’ image of people, is so often wrong?


I think judging by amount of accidents recently folk have forgotten how to drive after nearly 4 months ???


Accidents? this is not an accident, it is another example of someone driving without due care and attention. if they were standing in the street firing off a gun would we call it an accident? so why is driving a dangerous vehicle like a maniac somehow a lesser crime?


How are the two issues your referring too comparible – driving and using a weapon? That’s like ordering a bowl of olives and receiving an Eton mess instead?


Accidents are all the result of human error


Why don’t you wait to know the facts before shouting spite! Actually your spouting s#ite – Enough evidence to see that someone will have a badly damaged car. That’s not going onto a ferry so its on the Island somewhere!


Yet again more rubbish from you. Absolute knob springs to mind

Ryde Reader

Automatic reaction to look out of your window when something like this happens. Somebody must know the registration number…………………


It is a ‘normal’ reaction to normal people.
If on the other hand, you too are a drugged or otherwise incapable drunk chav yourself in some social housing provided flat opposite, then, likely it is one of your ‘sort’, that or to ‘speak out’ for the decent residents would mean years of torment, making keeping your thoughts to yourself more ‘prudent’.
Least Ryde demo can sell the rubble without having to even move it.


Is the Isle of Wight full of people with extremist views?


Speaking the truth is not extreme! If snowflakes don’t like the views of others, TUFF…


And you’d know it I take @ the truth!


No thankfully the extremists, as yet, to the best of our knowledge, have yet to arrive. I haven’t heard of many stabbings, shootings, or people run over on pavements yet have you? Likely when Penny Feathers is built we may have some of those delights filling to the max each home provided. But thus far, all quiet on the Western front.

Janesville Read

Not all social housing people are drug up


I SAID that those decent people would be AFRAID to speak out against those ‘drug up’ types.

Bob Frapples

Maybe they want a job there, and is showing what they can do


Interview and ability appraisal in one! I like it!


Oh the irony!

Mark Jennings

Demolition by name, demolition by nature

Benjamin Dyer

LOL my thoughts Ryde Demolition demolished


Not surprising the way they race past my place in Appley Road for most the night with their noisy cars next time it will not just be a wall


Call Ryde demolition they’ll clear up the rubble, oh…

Arthur Sausage

Demolition derby?

What next?


ADVERT. Large quantity of red bricks available at knock down prices please contact Ryde demolition for details.


Interesting. Last week a small truck collided with and damaged two cars in Ryde in broad daylight, then drove off without stopping. A witness took the number, the details were reported to police who have now confirmed they will not be pursuing the matter. So are they being even handed here, or does it matter only if the driver runs off, rather than drives off?


Obviously a ram raid, how many of those windows are missing ?


Think the car would need more than a going over with T Cut to sort it

Arthur Sausage

Demolition derby?


They scream up and down Monkton street all day, people of all ages in all types of cars. Maybe get some speed cameras that work and turned on!

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