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The National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter is currently assisting officers on the ground with a search for the occupants of a car after a pursuit between Sandown and Bembridge. 

The helicopter is currently circling the area of Yaverland and Yarbridge.

Police began their pursuit of what is believed to be a silver Vauxhall Astra at around 16:45.

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UPDATE @ 17:25 – Units on the ground have successfully used TPAC – Tactical Pursuit and Containment – to stop the vehicle at the bottom of Culver Down.

The car has been abandoned and the occupants have fled the scene on foot.

Police have successfully stopped the vehicle near to the bottom of Culver Down.

UPDATE @ 17:30 – 4 occupants have been detained by police and are being taken to Newport Police Station for questioning.

The NPAS helicopter has now left the scene and is returning to base at Bournemouth.

Police have temporarily closed the road from Yaverland Road/Marshcombe Shute Roundabout for vehicles travelling towards Bembridge to enable the safe recovery of the vehicle.

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See that car with 4 young boys last Friday driving nuts……….. Drugs been told


Possibly saw that car leaving county ground in Shanklin about 4.15 today driving like a complete idiot


Yes it was them!


Car Crash Island!

Throw the book at them

Well done Police. If these four irresponsible
Idiots are not punished severely they will not learn and their lives are effectively wasted .
Sadly some people never learn.
Lucky no innocent people were injured. Crush the car if its theirs.

Magical mag

Why don’t these bad drivers lose their driving licence then they dont get behind the wheel ever again…


Because they’ve probably not even got one !


Should crush the drivers – problem solved


Underclass grubby filth


I agree . Wight Trash lives don’t matter !


Take the drivers left hand. Struggle to drive without one


Take both of them


Slap on the wrist and send them on their way


Will end up with a caution and a two week holiday if they behave for one day


Looks like the TPAC Tactical Pursuit and Containment idea has sort of failed the Police forgot there was another door on the car regarding containment of occupants .


It’s getting to the stage where you feel your risking your life every time you get in a car.


Well done to the Police. How long before an innocent motorist looses their life because of these heaps of rubbish? The morons should be made to attend serious RTA’s and see exactly the horrific consequences our emergency units and undertakers have to cope with.

Gaza Merkel

fred, they would just film it, upload it onto some chav site and laugh about it.   These aren’t ‘normal’ people. There lives are so very different that judges, courts, jury’s etc can’t imagine, as you can’t.   That is WHY it continues. The soft think ‘taking their licence’ (if they have one) will stop them. It won’t. They don’t CARE about laws, bits of paper etc. They do what they want, then have a charity paid for solicitor come up with excuses which sadly ‘normal’ people ‘give’ the benefit of the doubt to.   Jails are brimming with the… Read more »

Opinions Matter

These blokes must think the IOW is an easy touch. Probably dealing filthy drugs. The system has got to get tough before innocent motorists going about their daily business get killed by these bloody don’t give a fig out of control wank**s.

island girl

lovely quiet place to bring your kids up the isle of wight, no trouble, not like the mainland……..REALLY!!!

Fatty belcher

Wait UNTIL Penny Feathers is built. Then ‘see’ what ‘inhabits’ much of the social housing.
The Island will never be the same again. It will make these days look ‘quaint’. Watch and learn.


wont get nothing got nothing to give just scum

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