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missingmicahelhawkewellFollowing concerns raised by the family of a missing Island taxi driver who died back in April, Hampshire Constabulary have this week admitted failings in the case of Michael Hawkewell, who was found dead in Gurnard days after he was reported missing.

As reported by Island Echo, Michael Hawkewell, 50, was last seen on 25th April after returning to the Island from the mainland. He was last seen by a family member at around 19:45 at the Red Jet terminal in Cowes.

Police launched a search for Mr Hawkewell using a Police helicopter with the assistance of the Dog Support Unit, however Michael was unfortunately not located during the initial search and it was being considered that he may have been on the mainland.

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policevanruralSadly, on 30th April, Police discovered Mr Hawkwell’s body in a field in Gurnard after WightSAR were deployed to assist officers in the search.

Now, as an inquest into Mr Hawkewell’s death this week recorded an open verdict, Police have said they have identified that part of the investigation was flawed and that communication with the missing person’s family was not up to standard.

Mr Hawkewell’s family have been spoken to by Hampshire Constabulary and have received an apology.

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