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Isle of Wight developer Captiva Homes is set to submit its plans for 475 new homes, new community facilities and a landscaped public open space in Ryde.

Following a public consultation, revised plans were ready to submit 3 months ago as the country went into lockdown, but Captiva Homes held off from submitting its planning application until now in line with the easing of restrictions.

The updated plans for the low-density development, West Acre Park, include up to 475 new-build homes, 25 acres of landscaped public parkland, a new GP surgery and road and access improvements.

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More than a third of West Acre Park will be leisure space, opening up land that was previously not accessible to the public, in the first development of its kind on the Island.

James Pink, Director of Captiva Homes, says:

“Our ethos is openness and integrity and to have submitted plans before now felt at odds with this. But we are passionate about the Isle of Wight and we must get the economy up and running again.

“We have always been about building Island homes for Island people and during the public consultation we had feedback from people about the number of homes available for first time buyers. As a result, we have reduced the number of executive homes and provided more homes for those just starting out on the property ladder.

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“We have not reduced the amount of green space we were planning for as lockdown has made people think more about the space they live in and what they value most from their homes. The priorities seem to have shifted with people wanting the ability for separate areas to work from home and of course with better access to high speed internet connectivity.

“Outdoor space has become high on the agenda for people looking to move, with bigger gardens and access to green space on the doorstep.

“In line with Ryde Town Council’s Place Plan, we have a stunning park right at the heart of our West Acre Park development. By placing the landscape at the centre of this development we have been given the unique opportunity to create something truly special, a place where nature in all its beauty and seasonality permeates every aspect of daily life.”

Captiva Homes has been building quality developments on the Isle of Wight for almost 2 decades and is currently constructing and selling 86 homes off Hope Road.

It is anticipated that the West Acre Park scheme will see more than £2million invested into the local community, including for local schools, improvements to local roads and highway infrastructure, a new community café or hub on the parkland, a recreation ground and play area and an increase to the current number of allotments.

It is proposed that Appley Road and Bullen Road will provide access to West Acre Park to alleviate the burden on Hope Road. There is also an additional public footpath proposed to enter the site from Marlborough Road.

The scheme is designed in accordance with recommendations on housing allocations and suitable sites identified by the Isle of Wight Council. Of the proposed homes, 166 will be affordable homes specifically built for the benefit of local residents.

James adds:

“The land in this location has been identified as suitable for residential development and the team at Captiva Homes, as local people, felt a commitment to exploring this opportunity to ensure maximum protection and responsible development of the land by Islanders who care about our community. This is the premise we had in mind when we developed the West Acre concept.

“These homes go some way to meeting the housing requirements for our Island now and for future generations, and we have designed our homes to grow with families and give them the opportunity to extend them in the future.”

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Ryde doesn’t need any more houses do up the empty ones first


what is the matter with these people.
We do not want more damned houses being built here – are these clowns stupid or just plain ignorant.

Mary Jamerson

Greedy, pretending to ‘care’ about making land which was ‘unavailable’ to the public ‘available’.   We want green farms, we need to grow our own food, or run cattle or animals on land. NOT build over it, and then put up stupid parks, which end up strewn with litter, chavs, with no wildlife left in site.   This lot built the Spring vale development, then the Luccombe eyesore, now going to ruin the only area of beauty soon to be left on Rydes fringe.   Problem is they have ‘friends’ where they are needed.   They care nothing for the… Read more »


you got it !


Greed. Hidden behind lets build some as “affordable”.


Be grateful, it’s the only investment the Island is likely to receive. More wealthy North Islanders having their retirement and clogging up your already overstretched roads and NHS.


these guys aren’t clowns or stupid, they know exactly what buttons to press to get what they want $$. they dont care about the local community, they say the right things , the planners and local politicians and estate agents pat themselves on the back. there isnt a housing shortage, its an affordability issue , created by QE and income inequality, savers have grabbed yield and spilled into the housing market. Check out the local press , lettings available are plentiful.


They’re greedy.

Moya Perry

Neither; they are money-grubbing greedy sods who don’t even live on the island.

The Truth

Great news, I have many family members in London who have decided to sell up and relocate here. They will be delighted so many new homes are going to become available to them and their friends..


I agree!


No thanks!
We don’t like Jellied eels.

Moya Perry

You have, by way of your vote, turned London into a place not fit for human habitation; now you want to come to our island and do the same……… don’t come here, thank you.


Bu**er off!!
We don’t need any more Oveners.

The Truth

That’s not very friendly is it?


“Integrity”? Deprive a Farmer of his livelihood? Doctors’ Surgery? Hmm. More wildlife destroyed, more traffic pollution, clogged roads. Sadly, this looks like an additional 50% added to Pennyfeathers.


The farmer sold that land to the developers for this development and the hope road development. He doesnt want that livelihood


Was he pushed, or did he fall?

Adam Baker

I think I’m right in saying the farm was a Tennant farm owned by the Balls no need to say more..!! Pure greed and contempt for the Island people.


Plans were put in for 80 homes in 2017. Now plans for 485 quite an increase they just get more greedy.


More houses being planned to push the infrastructure even more. We have only one hospital, clogged roads, both full and getting worse. Still I guess all the council are thinking about is all that lovely council tax coming so they can have a nice pay rise and cut more services. Where’s our ever bandwagon jumping MP, Bungling Bob should voice his opinion, oh but hang on, those houses are being built near Seaview….. Sausage Gate territory.


Mark, check the C.P.R.E. website, they have figured it out – Government sets “arbitrary” (my definition) targets for house-building/home ownership, and then holds Local Councils to “ransom” if they don’t deliver. Thus we lose our beautiful green spaces, with everything that entails, and get even more clogged up with traffic, despite the fact that we have such a limited space here, being an Island. Shame we on the Isle of Wight were originally “lumped in” with the high development area of South East England. But as usual – evidently no choice.


They make it sound to good to be true ! ! !
SO i personally don’t believe it will turn out anything like that.

Linda Belcher

So what about housing for those who can’t afford to buy it’s always about people owning their own property


This looks like a fantastic development. Plenty of needed housing and in such a suitable location. I hope this goes ahead as it will really enhance the drab old buildings of Ryde and hopefully inject a bit of diversity drawing people other than just islanders to buy. Wonderful.


This is great news.


Can anyone tell where to relocate the farm as animals need space and so far no relocation offered. If no relocation than the animals who are all in good health will become meat on your dinner tables. Do you all want that to happen! Unfortunately the animals cannot speak for themselves.

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