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pophamplanecrashA plane that crashed near Basingstoke in Hampshire yesterday (Saturday) claiming the lives of two people took off from Bembridge Airport, it has been revealed.

Lewis Tonkinson, 50 and his wife Sally, 44 were killed when their light aircraft crashed near to Popham Airfield at around 15:40 yesterday. Their 6-year-old son is in a life-threatening condition at Southampton General Hospital having survived the crash.

The family came from Alcester in Warwickshire.

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Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that the plane took off from Bembridge Airport on the Island yesterday afternoon before heading north.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) are carrying out an assessment of the scene. It is understood the aircraft will be removed from the site later on today.

Anyone who saw the aircraft prior to the crash at 15:43 Saturday should contact the AAIB on 01252 510300.

Photograph thanks to Home Counties Press Agency

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