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The Isle of Wight Council has published proposals to ban dogs from public areas such as beaches, cemeteries and playgrounds at various locations on the Island.

A total of 49 beaches, cemeteries and playgrounds have all been added to a list of places where dogs are to be banned, although beaches will still only carry a summer season ban – as has been the case for 10 years.

37 other locations have been listed as ‘dogs must be kept on a lead’ areas including Prince’s Green in Cowes, St Helen’s Duver and Wootton Recreation Ground.

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A public consultation is to be launched on the proposed Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs), which could come into effect on May 2020.

PSPOs are designed to combat antisocial behaviour such as dog fouling and drinking alcohol by prohibiting certain activities. Existing legislation such as Dog Control Orders, dog fouling and exclusion zone will replace these powers by the new PSPOs.

As well as the proposed banning of dogs in certain areas, the orders also include restrictions in other parts of the Island for anti-sociable drinking.


A petition has launched by Amber Taylor-Wilcox to stop the council from implementing this ban.

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The petition says;

“I am asking for all Isle of Wight residents and our much needed tourists to sign this petition. The Isle of Wight council are trying to bring an act into play, where dogs will be banned from 49 public spaces including our much loved beaches and cemeteries!

“We pride ourselves on being a dog friendly island! I’m sure we all have family who have dogs that visit loved ones graves. Or enjoy a nice stroll along the beach in winter and a hot drinks to warm you up at the local beach huts that get steady business throughout the year thanks to dog walkers!”

Are you against the banning of dogs on Isle of Wight beaches, cemeteries and playgrounds?

Sign the Petition


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Az-Zahara Aziz

Most of us love dogs but too many of their owners are pig ignorant. Many don’t pick up do doo and many that do just launch it into a bush or tree for some strange reason. The low life have viscous dogs which they let run free whilst the thick snobs allow their disobedient dogs to leap all over you if Sun bathing or having a picnic on the beach. With the usual comment of ‘he only wants to say hello ‘. So please ban dogs in the summer from most beaches. Yet it will be a toothless threat as… Read more »

none given

Dog poo contains high levels of bacteria. Just one gram of dog poo diluted in one million litres of sea water (that’s enough to fill six double decker buses or two and half standard swimming pools) could pose a health risk to bathers. Less than half a teaspoon of dog mess contains enough bacteria to potentially affect the classification of bathing water. Dog mess contains high levels of the two types of bacteria that are measured when testing bathing water quality and can determine whether the classification of a bathing water is excellent, good, sufficient or poor. ………… yes, ban… Read more »

Mrs Smith

Perhaps you could enlighten us with the levels of bacteria in soiled nappies, often lying hidden in the long grass at Appley Park

none given

@Mrs smith – that is not in the same category – when was the last time someone was swimming in the long grass and got a mouthful of nappy – jeez – keep things in context will you.


What about all the small boats that pump the toilets straight out into the bathing waters, often when in harbour. Are the boat discharges bacteria free?

Az-Zahara Aziz

Again adding Fido food ADD to other problems not cancel them. Time was before the west was rich dog poo was hard white and firm. Now thanks to idiots buying rich dog foods their poo is sloppy so even IF it’s picked up the smears of semi liquid germ and worm eggy poo remains hidden apart from a few blue bottles crawling over the scene of crime. Simply awaiting an innocent child to crawl over the ,apparently poo free zone. If I pooed on your table and simply picked up the bulk of the solids by scrapping a black bag… Read more »

none given

@steven churches..

boats are not generally pumping the toilets onto the shoreline where the disgusting dog mess usually is – when was the last time you saw a human floater on the shoreline – never.


Can you tell the difference?


Just WOW… just when you think The IOW Council can’t get any worse! Gritting 30 less roads and now this!?
Absolutely ridiculous.. the lot of them need sacking

Brainwashed Sheep

Dog fouling and drinking alcohol goes hand in hand i believe

Sue Salter

We have to take a stand against the Isle of Wight Council and their terrible decisions and regulations…we must not allow this to happen. They need to be investigated over the awful mess they keep making over business rates, parking, the floating bridge, building decisions and lack of investment while they are buying up mainland property and land and making Islanders pay for it…it has to stop.
This is just another sign that they do not care at all what people here want or need and the arrogance of it all defies belief.

Clive Cheetham

I am curious about how the Isle of Wight council are making a mess of business rates? The NNDR (national non domestic rates) are not set by the council, the rateable values are set by inland revenue and 100% of the money returned to nationwide government. The council are given the responsibility of collecting it on behalf of the National government and penalised if they fail.


Something does need to be done to control dog fouling. Families with children should be able to enjoy playgrounds, beaches and green spaces without worrying about the excessive dog fouling. We always encounter excrement on sand above the tideline, playgrounds and picnic areas and footpaths in woods.
I have witnessed many dog owners release their dog from its lead and not pay attention to its whereabouts and fouling.

incognito james

The island from a tourist point of view is grossly overpriced, and I think if dogs are banned from beaches, I will not visit here again.

Selfish PeopeEverywhere

Ban them completely. Every single dog owner you speak to will tell you they clear up after their dogs yet the streets are covered in dog poop. Well I don’t think we have a huge problem with packs of feral dogs wandering around the island do we? If there is the odd (very high fibre dieted) dog wandering around doing it all then well done for the bags it manages to tie with its paws. The bottom line is that there is dog poop all over the streets and pathways, particularly in the coastal towns where these irresponsible (majority) owners… Read more »


Do you know anyone who relays on their dog as their only companion? Are they supposed to move out of town too! Think what you say!

Alison Arnold

How dare you to take away our rites and our dogs rites.They are part of our family and they enjoy running free in a park or beach and we enjoy watching them.Also how would you ever train your dog with recall etc and how to catch a ball or swim in the sea without letting it off the lead.I am upset and appalled by this infringement of rites.we pay to keep these areas available for the people and believe me most of the people have dogs.


Agree. If this came into force us responsible dog owners would reduce what we pay for our council tax!

none given

@smithy – council tax is for the cost of street cleaning, bin collections, local education, adult social care policing etc — not to clear
up the mess made by your mutts on the beaches.


I am a responsible owner like most. We pay for dog bins that we use and why shouldn’t we have the same rights as everyone else when we all pay the same? Deal with the minority !


Surely there is already a law which says dogs must be on a lead in public places and severe penalties for dog fouling. Biggest problem is that the laws are not enforced.


Where can the list be seen.


I agree with not banning from cemeteries but agree with children’s play areas and we should extend the duration of dogs banned from beaches. Or we could always create designated parts of certain beaches / parks. The dogs on leads rule doesn’t work because the council doesn’t enforce it, likewise fouling fines. I’m afraid this is a case of a few dog owners spoiling it for the better ones but fouling and loose dogs are becoming a bigger issue in the areas where they are supposed to be controlled. Owners let them off the lead and then do not keep… Read more »


I bet these council officials go back to their empty, dogless homes on an evening and prepare a salmon dinner for their cat and tell it all the evil things they’ve done that day.


As a mobility scooter user, it is horrible getting dog dirt on your wheels and it goes in my car, how do I clean the crap of my wheels? Then when I arrive home then have wash the wheels. Its not good folks.
Regent Street, Shanklin. It is a good example of dog dirt up and down the street.


It needs druggie and drunks ban. Do not blame the dogs. Its your drunkards and druggies infesting the island. Ban them!!!

Lesley Riley

It needs a druggie and drunks ban. Do not blame the dogs. Its your drunkards and druggies investing this island. Ban them!!!

Lesley Riley

It needs a druggie and drunks ban. Do not blame the dogs. Its your drunkards and druggies infesting this island. Ban them!!!

Tony Plowright

Ban the council from the island.

James Edwards

Whilst I can appreciate why dog owners are upset about this policy, I think they need to look at ‘some of their own’ who are the cause of the introduction of these ‘draconian’ measures.
I have yet to see on ANY article about dog fouling or canine bad behaviour ANY dog owner hold their hands up and admit wrong-doing.
Those who comment are always the ones who clean up after their animals, which are kept tightly on their leads and under control.
It is very much a case of the ‘few’ spoiling things for the ‘many’.


What idiot would want to ban dogs from more public spaces… The restrictions already in place are already sufficient (ie summer no dogs etc). On the beach today with family and dog.. 90% of people there had a dog….

Wootton Rec is always full of dogs exercising (the play Park is already fenced and gated and no dogs allowed)

Another council jobsworth


Banning dogs from certain areas because of a few irresponsible owners is surely like banning everyone from driving because some drink and drive.

More should be done to stop or punish the irresponsible owners, without punishing the responsible owners that just want to take their dog for a walk.


Had to stop playing catch with my daughter on Compton beach as at least 3 different dogs ran off with her ball. Only one owner put the dog on a lead. Another said “oh he loves balls” Then ran the whole length of the beach and I had to ask the owners to get it back. Fed up of them running up to my children with the owner going “He won’t bite” “He is very Friendly” as well as having them run into our picnic looking for food.
Keep them on a lead.

Az-Zahara Aziz

Paul totally agree Bembridge is worse. The arrogant owners let their dogs ruin your picnics. I love dogs but dislike many owners of them


I thought dogs were already band from play grounds?

The island is sold to visitors as Dog friendly, well if this happens it will be the last nail in the coffin for the local tourist jobs and business. Too expensive and can not bring your pets, Isle of Wight council, turning the island into a coffin since 1987.

Clive Cheetham

I live in a flat opposite the beach in Sandown, I am a former dog owner. People bring their dogs to crap on the beach and bark with little or no concern for anyone but themselves. There is a good case made by the council that this is antisocial behaviour. We expect to hear joyous noises of children on the beach when the sun is out, but hate dogs barking incessantly usually with no attempt by their owners to stop them. Occasionally horse are ridden on the beach and they are truly wonderful to watch, but dogs? No thanks


Horses may be wonderful to watch but their owners don’t pick up the mess left on the beach, footpaths and car park. Yaverland and the bay are used by many water sports enthusiasts and it’s just antisocial to have piles of horses**t being left… might be organic but I still don’t want to tread in it or swim through it.


And what do horses leave behind on the beach? Don’t see that being cleared up

none given

how many horses are seen on the beaches in comparison – not so much of an issue, however, I agree

Brainwashed Sheep

Its people who need banning,job done. Disgusting vile cluless brainwashed race. The end is near fools hodl on


Draconian! The council need to listen to the people they are supposed to serve. Surely they have more important things to deal with. It’s a smokescreen for the joke that is st Mary’s roundabout. Leave us alone to enjoy our freedom for our health and well-being. We will lose tourists. Try enforcing laws instead and don’t spoil things for everyone by the actions of a few. Name and shame the idiots who came up with this idea. Bet they are not dog owners.

Stacy Black

Not fussed about other public areas just keep them of the beaches. I’d pay more council tax if it was the law was enforced.


how will it be enforced? The irresponsible dog owners will still carry on as they do now. Do you ever see dog wardens on the beach? Or anywhere? No the council can’t afford it


Is the IOW Council going to install a warden in every cemetery,every park & on every beach?

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